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Trash Can Liners
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High Density - trash bags are thinner and not as puncture resistant. However, they can still carry very heavy loads that are not rough-edged such as clothing, towels and dirt. High density bags are a great choice for office and restroom waste, shredded paper and in public areas where sharp trash is not deposited.
Low Density- trash bags are thick, flexible and highly resistant to puncturing and tearing. They are ideal for kitchen trash, construction debris or trash that includes glass, metal, wood, cardboard or other sharp, jagged or irregular shaped items.
Translucent- Can liner is made with high-density resins for puncture-resistant sidewalls. Translucent color is perfect for recycling and pilferage control.

Trash Can Liners
Start Date: 08/03/2021  |  End Date: 08/02/2024
Solicitation#: 5400020638
Vendor: Central Poly-Bag Corporation
Contract#: 4400026485
Vendor#: 7000102529
Email: bids@centralpoly.com
Address: 2400 Bedle Pl Linden NJ 07036
Phone#: (908) 862-7570
Fax#: (908) 862-9019
Vendor Files/Links:
High Density Price List
Low Density Price List
Translucent Price List
Contact: Andrew Hoffer
Vendor: Calico Packaging, LLC
Contract#: 4400026487
Vendor#: 7000262370
Email: bids@calicopackaging.com
Address: PO Box 794 Laurel MD 20725-0794
Phone#: 800-638-0828
Fax#: 301-498-2056
Vendor Files/Links:
Low Density Price List
Vendor: Dade Paper and Bag LLC
Contract#: 4400026486
Vendor#: 7000222770
Email: sclayton@imperialdade.com
Address: 440 Interstate West Pkwy Suite 200, Lithia Springs GA 30122
Phone#: 678-332-4585
Vendor Files/Links:
High Density Price List