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Learning Content Management
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Information TechnologyStateTermStephen Taylor803.737.2772

The minimum functionality of the Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) solutions include communications, productivity, student involvement, course delivery, course management, content development, comprehensive reporting, and related administrative functions to facilitate distance learning programs.

Learning Content Management Systems
Start Date: 06/04/2019  |  End Date: 06/03/2024
Solicitation#: 5400015109

In order to facilitate the quarterly audit of these contracts, please submit all transaction documents, including the purchase order and any supplemental documents, to the Procurement Officer upon completion of all purchases.

Vendor: Blackboard Inc
Contract#: 4400021563
Vendor#: 7000039541
Address: 1111 19th Street, NW, 9th floor, Washington, DC 20036
Contract Number Eligible Users Description
4400021560 K-12 Contractor Hosted (SaaS) - Open LMS
4400021561 All UGUs Contractor Hosted (SaaS) - Learn
4400021562 All UGUs Contractor Hosted (SaaS) - Open LMS
4400021563 All UGUs Managed Hosted - Learn

Ordering Instructions
  1. Please contact your local Blackboard Account Executive.
  2. Your Blackboard Account Executive will meet with you and your team to determine the best solution to meet your institution’s needs. 
  3. Your Blackboard Account Executive will create a formal pricing proposal and provide you with the state contract number and SC Order Form for review, signature and purchase order.
  4. To place your order, please email your Account Executive the signed SC Order Form and signed purchase order.  Please make sure that the SC contract number is listed on the purchase order.
Contact: Carey Smouse - Higher Education Account Executive
Phone#: (919) 423-8384
Email: Carey.Smouse@blackboard.com
Contact: Thomas Herrmann Jr. - Business/Government Account Executive
Phone#: (443) 789-1780
Email: Thomas.Herrmann@blackboard.com
Contact: Tom Arcuri - K-12 Account Executive
Email: Tom.Arcuri@blackboard.com
Vendor: D2L Ltd
Contract#: 4400021567
Vendor#: 7000103759
Address: 210 W. Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 400A Towson, MD 21204
Contract Number Eligible Users Description
4400021566 K-12 Contractor Hosted (SaaS)
4400021567 All UGUs Contractor Hosted (SaaS)
Contact: Joanna Browning, Sr. Client Sales Executive
Phone#: (828) 429-4436
Email: joanna.browning@d2l.com
Contact: Lee Poteck, Senior Director, Client Sales
Phone#: (226) 789-8253
Email: lee.poteck@d2l.com
Vendor: Instructure Inc
Contract#: 4400021565
Vendor#: 7000188338
Address: 6330 South 3000 East, Suite 700 Salt Lake City, UT 84121
Contract Number Eligible Users Description
4400021564 K-12 Contractor Hosted (SaaS)
4400021565 All UGUs Contractor Hosted (SaaS)
Contact: Doug Grooms
Phone#: (385) 465-5288
Email: dgrooms@instructure.com
Vendor: Schoology Inc
Contract#: 4400021569
Vendor#: 7000191473
Address: Two Penn Plaza New York, NY 10121
Contractor Hosted (SaaS), for use by K-12 entities only.
Contact: Lisa Carter
Phone#: (315) 491-4940
Email: lisa.carter@powerschool.com