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Uniforms (formerly Battle Dress Uniforms)
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This contract was previously titled "Battle Dress Uniforms".


Vendor shall submit bid to include charges for providing and embroidering a State of South Carolina or other approved emblem or official logo directly on shirts, outerwear, shorts, etc. as requested by the organization. Such emblems shall typically be sewn on each sleeve ½” below each shoulder seam of shirts and jackets. Prior to beginning production of order, successful bidder must receive approval of the artwork from the requesting location before the logo is affixed to the uniforms.

Embroidery requests shall be specific to the ordering entity; therefore, there are no known specifications available until purchase orders are produced. This procedure, will be priced separately, and used at agency discretion, as budget allows.

The successful vendor must be able to package trousers and/or shirts by Employee/Region/Section at the request of the using agency. That is, all items intended for a certain Region/Section will be packaged in separate boxes from items for other Regions or Sections. The quantity and contents are to be marked on the outside of each box. Each employee is to receive the quantity uniform items specified by the using agency. Each employee's package of garments will be bagged together with the individual's name on the outside of the package (labels to be supplied by requesting agency). The  using agency will supply the vendor with each officer's name by Region/Section for packing purposes. Using agencies wishing to have their orders packed in this manner will supply the vendor with a Region, Section, and Officer break-down for packing purposes with each order. This procedure will be priced separately, and used at agency discretion, as budget allows.

Contractor must have a local representative to service the needs of the State Customers. This representative must have full decision making authority and be able to respond and resolve any issues within seven (7) business days.

Contractor shall provide, upon request, all necessary measuring for proper fit within ten (10) days of receipt of purchase order. Measurements shall occur as indicated by a schedule provided by the requesting location and will take place at a site designated by that organization. Measuring may involve several visits to complete. Measurements for male uniforms shall be handled by a male employee of the contractor, and measurements for female uniforms shall be handled by a female employee of the contractor. Upon completion of measurements, contractor shall provide to the organization a hard copy and/or electronic versions of Excel spreadsheets including the following information:

  1. Details of all orders given during measurement sessions(s). This information shall include employee name, quantities, garment types and sizes.
  2. Summary of all garments ordered sorted by garment type and include all costs associated with the order.

Vendors are reminded that sizes other than normal industry standards are also required in certain cases (XSML up to 8XL). Contractor must be able to furnish all sizes as needed. Any additional costs associated with these sizes must be identified on the Bid Schedule. Note: The exception to this is when the manufacturer does not make the requested size.

Battle Dress Uniforms
Start Date: 08/29/2021  |  End Date: 08/28/2026
Solicitation#: 5400021519
Vendor: DesignLab, Inc.
Contract#: 4400026743
Vendor#: 7000035704
Email: Designlab2@aol.com
Address: 825 Old Airport Road, Greenville, SC 29607
Phone#: 864-297-7199
Fax#: 864-297-7198
Awarded Lot 10 - Shield Uniforms
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Contact: Matt Moller
Email: mattpmoller@yahoo.com
Vendor: Galls, LLC
Contract#: 4400026741
Vendor#: 7000212116
Address: 1340 Russell Cave Road, Lexington, KY 40505
Phone#: 859-800-1402
Fax#: 877-914-2557
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Contact: Misty Holland
Phone#: 859-800-1345
Email: Holland-Misty@Galls.com
Vendor: US Patriot LLC
Contract#: 4400026740
Vendor#: 7000046875
Address: 131 Berkshire Drive, Columbia, SC 29223
Phone#: 800-805-5294 ext. 419
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US Patriot - 5.11 Uniforms Price Sheet
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Contact: Ricky Ezzell
Phone#: 803-309-3451
Email: ricky@uspglobal.com
Vendor: Reads Uniforms LLC
Contract#: 4400027068
Vendor#: 7000302190
Address: 4 Sweeten Creek Crossing, Asheville, NC 28803
Phone#: 828-412-8950
Fax#: 828-277-6382
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Reads Uniforms LLC - Blauer Uniforms Price Sheet
Reads Uniforms LLC - Silk Screen Price Sheet
Contact: David George