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Appliances - Household
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Household Appliances: 

  • Delivery: Due to the current market conditions, the expected time of arrival for all items must be agreed upon at the time of placing an order. The contractor shall keep in constant communication with the UGU via email if the anticipated date changes. 
  • Installation: Contractor shall include inside delivery uncrate and set in place. If common carriers are used this is not available and must be agreed upon at the issuing of the PO. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE A FULL HOOK-UP. 

Household Appliances
Start Date: 10/07/2022  |  End Date: 10/06/2025
Solicitation#: 5400023731
Vendor: GE Appliances
Contract#: 4400030059
Vendor#: 7000243997
Email: smart.familyteam@geappliances.com
Address: Appliance Park AP4-289, Boston MA 02241
Phone#: 800-654-4988
GE Appliances  25% Discount 
Refrigerator & Freezers
Ranges, Cooktops, Ovens & Hoods
Microwaves (Countertops & Oven - The Range) 
Washers & Dryers (Residential) 
Refrigerator- Freezer/ Microwave Combination
Vendor Files/Links:
MSRP Pricing
Contact: Julie May
Phone#: 800-782-8039
Email: Julie.may@geappliances.com