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Bus - ADA
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Goods & ServicesStateTermMichael S. Speakmon803.737.9816

Getting a Price Quote
Each vehicle page identifies the contractor who holds the contract for that vehicle, and provides all of the contact information for that contractor. Contact the vendor for the corresponding vehicle in order to get a final price including additions and deductions. Do NOT call the procurement officer whose contact information appears at the top of each page. They cannot help you with a price or status of an order.

Contract Vehicles
Each class of ADA vehicle has a standard specification that includes the configuration and certain optional equipment that is included for the “Base Price” listed for each class. This standard specification can be downloaded by clicking the “Base Price” for each awarded vehicle below.

Optional Equipment Not Included in Contract Vehicles (10% Rule)
The contract vehicle is configured to include certain options identified by end users to be the most desired. The state cannot identify every need of end users in its contracts so the most requested options have been competitively bid and are specifically identified on each contract sheet. Therefore, each vehicle contract contains the following clause in Section VIIB:

IMPORTANT: Maximum mark-up acceptable is factory to dealer cost plus no more than 10%. Options not requested as an “Add” or “Deduct” option herein, but which may be required by the user on this contract, will be furnished by the contractor at dealer cost plus no more than 10%. The State reserves the right to require proof of the dealer’s cost for any optional items

Likewise, if options are included in the contract vehicles that the Using Governmental Unit does not need, the vehicle price should be reduced by the deduct amount for the corresponding item or the cost plus 10% rule should be applied to reduce the cost of the vehicle for each item not ordered.

Vehicle Delivery Fees – State Agencies
Vehicle delivery to the State Fleet Management (SFM) Delivery Point is included in the cost of each vehicle. Additional delivery charges are not allowed.

Vehicle Delivery Fees – Non-State Agencies
Delivery of the vehicle to the SFM delivery point is already built into the price of the vehicle. Delivery charges should only occur when the non-state agency delivery point distance is greater than the state agency delivery point. 

Operational Manuals
• Contractor shall provide the following with each vehicle upon delivery to the Using Governmental Unit:
• Owner/Operator Manual(s) including optional equipment
• Maintenance and Inspection Schedule
• Safety Manual describing operator “do’s” and don’ts”
• Tire Management/Tire Care Manual (if not included above)

Primary/Optional Vendors
In order to provide flexibility for the end user, more than one vendor may have been awarded a contract for a particular vehicle class. When more than one contract exists within a class, a Primary Vendor” is listed and any other contract awarded for the same line item is listed as “Optional Use”. The primary vendor was the vendor with the lowest evaluated price. End users should keep in mind that deviations from the standard contract vehicle could result in an “Optional Use” vendor providing the lowest priced vehicle. When more than one vendor is listed, end users are encouraged to get quotes from all vendors particularly when deviating from the standard contract vehicle.

ADA Buses and Purpose- Built Vehicles
Start Date: 11/01/2021  |  End Date: 10/31/2024
Solicitation#: 5400021385
The State is currently reviewing the specifications for the remaining buses and will resolicit once they are complete. 
Vendor: Palmetto bus sales LLC
Contract#: 4400027147
Vendor#: 7000039459
Email: bsmith@palmettobussles.com
Address: PO Box 2898, West Columbia, SC 29171
Phone#: 803-754-3827
Purpose Built, Specialty, ADA Compliant Ford Trannsit T-150
Base Price  $49,614.00
Chassis GVWR Upgrade- One level above standard spec $3,113.00
Raised Roof with Double Leaf Passenger Entrance Door (See Specs)  $5,976.00
Dirver Seat: Upgrade to next apholstery above standard  0.00
Passenger Seats Upgrade to next apholstery level above standard  $25.00
Flip and Fold Away Seats (per Seat)  764.00
Days ARO  30-150
Vendor Files/Links:
Standard Specification and Contract Sheet
Vendor: Interstate Transportation Equipment Inc.
Contract#: 4400027148
Vendor#: 7000047087
Email: robert@interstatetransportation.com
Address: 2511 Trotter Rd. Columbia, SC 29290
Phone#: (800) 726-0779
Fax#: (803) 776-3527
Purpose Built, Specialty, ADA Compliant Transit K1C
Base Price  $54,311.00
Chassis GVWR Upgrade one level above standard spec  $702.00
Raised roof with Double Leaf Passenger Entrance Door (See spec)  $10,625.00
Driver Seat: Upgrade to Next upholstery above standard  $155.00
Passenger Seats: Upgradge to next upholstery level above standard (Per Seat) $55.00
Flip and Fold Away seat (Per Seat)  $1,620.00

Vendor Files/Links:
Standard Specification and Contract Sheet