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Statewide Contracts for SUVs

Start Date: 11/01/2021  |  End Date: 10/31/2023
Solicitation#: 5400021749

The automobile industry is extremely unsettled due to microchip shortages and other supply chain issues. Manufacturers may open and close ordering windows with little to no notice. Please be sure to check with the contract vendor prior to creating your purchase order to confirm vehicle availability.

Vendor: Vic Bailey Ford
Contract#: 4400027149
Vendor#: 7000079092
Email: dvetter@vicbaileyauto.com
Address: PO Box 461 Drayton SC 29304
Phone#: 864-585-3600 ext. 267
The final Order Date is April 15, 2022
** Effective August 18, 2022, this contract pricing structure was shifted to cost + 5%. Please reach out to the vendor for more information. **
SUV 1- Gas/ Electric Hybrid, Utility, AWD 
Ford Explorer K8F 
Vendor Files/Links:
SUV1 Contract Sheet
Contact: David Vetter
Vendor: Santee Automotive LLC
Contract#: 4400027160
Vendor#: 7000214142
Email: scott@tracsconsult.com
Address: PO Box 5391 West Columbia SC 29171
Phone#: 803-386-9651
Fax#: 803-678-4298
SUV 3 - Gasoline, Mid-Size Utility, 4x2
Dodge Durango SXT WDDL75
Vendor Files/Links:
SUV 3 Gas Contract Sheet
Contact: Scott Watford