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Cisco Hardware and Software Products and Services
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Information TechnologyStateTermCarol A. Norfleet803.737.3224

The State Term Contracts with Cisco Distributors shall facilitate the acquisition by UGUs for three product and service categories.  Participation elected by each vendor, their discount rates, and Design, Integration and Installation (DII) hourly rates, and E-Rate participation SPIN numbers are noted on the Vendor Reference Table linked to this page.  The Lot 1 category is for Cisco Firewall and Network products, services and maintenance and Lot 2 is for Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) products, services and maintenance.   Approved product groups under Lot 2 are limited to those included on Exhibit B of the Solicitation Documents.  Participation in Lot 3 will allow for Design, Integration and Installation Services provided by the Distributors.  These service shall require a Statement of Work and requirements for same are included in Part III. Statement of Work of the Contract Documents.  E-Rate participation requirements are also included in Part III. of the Solicitation. 

Cisco Hardware and Software Products and Services
Start Date: 10/20/2021  |  End Date: 10/19/2026
Solicitation#: 5400021841
Vendor Rate Table
Contract Price List
Vendor: A3 Communications Inc
Contract#: 4400027240
Vendor#: 7000032663
Address: 1038 Kinley Road, Irmo SC 29063
Phone#: 803-744-5000 Ext 5027
Fax#: 803-731-6046
Website: www.a3communications.com
Contact: Brian Thomas
Phone#: 803-744-5000, Ext 5027
Email: bthomas@a3communications.com
Vendor: Data Network Solutions Inc
Contract#: 4400027241
Vendor#: 7000035473
Email: orders@datanetworksolutions.com
Address: 629 Lake Tide Drive, Chapin SC 29036
Phone#: 803-932-9915
Fax#: 803-932-9914
Contact: Bruce Fisher
Phone#: 704-905-1920
Email: bfisher@datanetworksolutions.com
Vendor: Internetwork Engineering
Contract#: 4400027242
Vendor#: 7000038108
Email: capplegate@ineteng.com
Address: 13777 Ballantyne Corp Place, Ste 305, Charlotte NC 28277
Phone#: 704-540-5800
Fax#: 704-541-0059
Website: www.ineteng.com
Contact: Marta Thomas
Phone#: 843-424-2051
Email: mthomas@ineteng.com
Contact: Ryan Jenkins
Phone#: 803-828-0025
Email: rjenkins@ineteng.com
Contact: Kevin Tinch
Phone#: 803-960-9395
Email: ktinch@ineteng.com
Contact: Edward Clark
Phone#: 803-931-2080
Email: eclark@ineteng.com
Vendor: Horry Telephone Cooperative Inc
Contract#: 4400027243
Vendor#: 7000058570
Address: PO Box 1820, Conway SC 29528
Phone#: 843-369-8423
Fax#: 843-369-7115
Website: www.htcinc.net
Contact: Denise Ambuhl
Email: denise.ambuhl@htcinc.net
Vendor: Sirius Computer Solutions Inc
Contract#: 4400027289
Vendor#: 7000077072
Address: 10100 Reunion Place Ste 500, San Antonio TX 78216
Phone#: 210-369-8000
Fax#: 866-313-0960
Website: www.siriuscom.com
Contact: Phyllis Byrd
Email: phyllis.byrd@siriuscom.com
Contact: Julian Froeschner
Phone#: 919-624-5087
Email: julian.froeschner@siriuscom.com
Vendor: Katalyst Network Group LLC
Contract#: 4400027244
Vendor: Netsource ET LLC
Contract#: 4400027245
Vendor#: 7000155915
Address: 156 Langsdale Road, Columbia, SC 29212
Contact: Allison McCrary
Phone#: 803-707-0369
Email: amccrary@netsource-et.com
Vendor: Presidio Networked Solutions LLC
Contract#: 4400027300
Vendor: SHI International Corp
Contract#: 4400027301
Vendor: DISYS Solutions Inc
Contract#: 4400027302
Vendor: EITS - Enterprise IT Solutions LLC
Contract#: 4400027246
Vendor: GTS Solutions LLC
Contract#: 4400027247
Vendor: Encore Technology Group
Contract#: 4400027248
Vendor: Bridgetek Solutions LLC
Contract#: 4400027249
Vendor: EGroup Holding Company LLC
Contract#: 4400027250
Vendor: Meridian IT Inc
Contract#: 4400027251
Vendor: Converged LLC
Contract#: 4400027252
Vendor: Rove LLC
Contract#: 4400027303
Vendor: World Wide Technology LLC
Contract#: 4400027253
Vendor: AHEAD Inc
Contract#: 4400027254