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Automotive Parts
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Goods & ServicesCooperativeDeAna Reed-Sharpe803.896.6389

This NASPO Value Point Contract, issued by the State of California, covers auto repair parts from the vendors listed below.

Here is the link to the NASPO Master Agreement:  https://s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/nvp/Portfolios/Automotive%20Parts/Automotive%20Parts%20RFP%20%237219941.pdf 

Automotive Parts - NASPO ValuePoint Contract
Start Date: 01/05/2022  |  End Date: 10/19/2026
Solicitation#: 7219941
Vendor: Factory Motor Parts
Contract#: 4400028141
Vendor#: 7000310141
Address: 3740 N. Patterson Avenue, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27105
Phone#: 336-661-6113
Fax#: 336-661-1435
Vendor Files/Links:
Factory Motor Parts - Participating Addendum
Factory Motor Parts - Location List
Factory Motor Parts - Pricing Information
Contact: Dana Carney
Phone#: 702-459-0566 x 2003
Email: d.carney@fmpco.com
Vendor: NAPA Auto Parts
Contract#: 4400028090
Vendor#: 700018520
Address: 2999 Wildwood Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30339
Vendor Files/Links:
NAPA Auto Parts - Participating Addendum
NAPA Auto Parts - Location List
NAPA Auto Parts - Pricing Information
Contact: Don Lachance
Phone#: 404-386-4157
Email: Don_Lachance@genpt.com
Vendor: Parts Authority LLC
Contract#: 4400028140
Vendor#: 7000310133
Address: 3 Dakota Drive, Suite 110, New Hyde Park, New York 11042
Phone#: 516-300-1265
Fax#: 718-360-9714

How to Order/Request Quotes

  1. Online: www.IMCparts.com (call for login information)
  2. Email: FleetSC@partsauthority.com
  3. Phone: (800) 922-8111
Vendor Files/Links:
Parts Authority, LLC - Participating Addendum
Parts Authority, LLC - Location List
Parts Authority, LLC - Pricing Information
Contact: Christopher Hill
Phone#: 908-800-1925
Email: fleetmanagement@partsauthority.com