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Medical & Surgical Supplies
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Goods & ServicesStateTermPortia Davis803.737.5473

The State entered into contracts with the following vendors for Statewide Medical Supplies and Equipment. The award was made to the three lowest responsive and responsible vendors per lot. For medical supplies and equipment items not listed in the Contract Information below using their website. Each vendor offers a percentage off non-market basket items. 

The following is a list of items and/or categories excluded from contracts awarded by this solicitation.
1. Capital equipment catalog items whose price exceeds $4,999.00 per unit.
2. Hospital beds or hospital furniture and furnishings which can be purchased via separately established statewide term contracts for furniture.

Medical Supplies & Equipment
Start Date: 02/20/2022  |  End Date: 02/19/2027
Solicitation#: 5400021848


For individual orders involving less than $100.00, contractor shall ship these orders prepaid. The shipping charges will be added to the invoice as a separate charge and include in the invoice total for payment by Using Governmental Unit. For any items you need that are not listed on the market basket. Each vendor has given a catalog discount percentage that you may use for all non-market basket items. 

Lot 1- Gloves, Syringe, Mask, Wheelchair, Sharp Containers, Gauze, Sheet Drape etc... 
Lot 2 - Brief wings, Gowns, Pill organizers, Pill crushers etc. 
Lot 3 - Breastpump Items
Lot 4-  Simulation and Training Healthcare Products

Vendor: Dove Medical Supply
Contract#: 4400028224
Vendor#: 7000221304
Email: CSR@dovemedicalsupply.com.
Address: 8164 Mabe Marshall Rd Summerfield NC 27358
Phone#: 336-643-9367
Fax#: 336-419-0160
Catalog Discount 22% off non-market basket (items not listed on price list)
Restocking Fee 10%
Vendor Files/Links:
Price List Lot 1
Price List Lot 3
Price List Lot 4
Contact: Lynne Bridges
Phone#: 336-643-9367
Email: lynnebridges@dovemedicalsupply.com
Vendor: Henry Schein Inc.
Contract#: 4400028223
Vendor#: 7000170455
Address: 135 Duryea Road Mail Rt. E-270, Melville, NY 11747
Fax#: 866-738-8999
Website: http://www.henryschein.com/
Catalog Discount 29% off non-market basket (items not listed on price list)
Restocking Fee: Will not exceed 25% only applied for customer's error. 
Vendor Files/Links:
Price List Lot 1
Price List Lot 2
Price List Lot 3
Price List Lot 4
Contact: Cristina Bowman Contract Manager
Phone#: (864) 381-5900
Email: cristina.Bowman@henryschein.com
Contact: Jack Pressly (SC DOC, Mental Health, DHEC and all other State Govt Agencies)
Phone#: 864-884-9497
Email: jack.Pressly@henryschein.com
Contact: Dan Shula (K-12 Schools, Colleges, Universities)
Phone#: 954-647-7324
Email: dan.shula@henryschein.com
Vendor: Grove Medical, Inc.
Contract#: 4400028222
Vendor#: 7000078511
Address: 1089 Park West Blvd, Greenville, SC 29611
Phone#: (864) 269-0283
Fax#: 864-678-5067
Website: www.grovemedical.com
Catalog Discount off non-market basket items (items not listed on the price list sheet) 35%
Restocking Fee: 25%
Vendor Files/Links:
Price List Lot 1
Price List Lot 2
Price List Lot 3
Contact: David H. York
Phone#: 864-269-0283
Email: davidy@grovemedical.com
Vendor: McKesson Medical Surgical
Contract#: 4400028216
Vendor#: 700027991
Email: Government.Salesadmin@mckesson.com
Address: 9954 Mayland Drive Suite 5176 Henrico VA 23233
Phone#: 833-343-2700
Fax#: 800-237-9766
Website: https://mms.mckesson.com
Catalog Discount 40% off non-market basket (items not listed on price list)
Restocking Fee: 0 
Vendor Files/Links:
Price List Lot 2
Contact: Katie Koier
Phone#: 704-500-6044
Email: katie.koier@mckesson.com
Contact: Zack Newsome
Phone#: 904-790-9210
Email: zack.newsome@mckesson.com
Contact: James Pierce
Phone#: 804-362-1790
Email: james.pierce@mckesson.com
Vendor: Products Unlimited
Contract#: 4400028225
Vendor#: 7000142837
Address: P.O. Box 339, Justin, TX 76247
Fax#: 940-648-3407
Website: http://www.products-unlimited.com/
Catalog Discount 15% off non-market basket items (items not listed on price list)
Restocking fee 10% are based on the if the manufacturer charges.
Vendor Files/Links:
Price List Lot 4
Contact: Susan Raithel
Phone#: 940-648-3073 or 800-865-4683
Email: sraithel@products-unlimited.com