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Lidar and Radar
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Use by state governmental bodies (as defined in Section 11-35-310(18)), which includes most state agencies, is mandatory except under limited circumstances, as provided in Section 11-35-310(35). Political subdivisions and municipalities are encouraged to use these contracts but are not required.

The Contract prices will be the maximum price the Contractor can charge. The Contractor may also offer volume discounts to governmental entities issuing purchase orders for high quantities. When discounts are offered, all other contract terms and conditions remain unchanged.

Unless otherwise specified herein, all items shall be delivered no later than thirty days after contractor's receipt of the purchase order unless it is prearranged and acceptable to the using agency. If the using governmental unit requests delivery sooner than the time specified, contractor may invoice the ordering entity any additional shipping charges approved by the ordering entity on the purchase order.

Contractor must provide all RADAR and LIDAR speed detection equipment and accessories in the manufacturer’s original, unopened packages bearing manufacturer’s name and label.

Each unit and assembly shall undergo extensive testing prior to shipment from the factory. These tests shall encompass all aspects and functions of the equipment from component to unit entirely. All test procedures and standards shall be as prescribed by NHTSA Technical Report. An operational test report shall be furnished with each unit.

Unless otherwise specified, contractor shall provide one operational manual for each item acquired unless using agency is willing to accept an electronic version.

Devices will come with factory calibration certificate, all antenna cables, hardware, and any other necessary accessories to mount the devices in or on a police vehicle as applicable (all types of vehicles including motorcycles). Pricing for these items are included in the price on the contract page.

Equipment Service Life
All equipment covered by these specifications and any resultant contracts shall have a minimum service life of ten (10) years from date of delivery to the purchaser. The supplier shall guarantee replacement parts availability from the supplier and/or authorized distributor for this service life period.

Equipment & Parts Warranty
The supplier shall guarantee repair or replacement of any equipment or part thereof that fails in operation during normal and proper use within one (1) year from date of purchaser’s receipt due to defects in design, material or workmanship, consummation of final acceptance and payment notwithstanding. These replacements shall be of no cost to the purchaser. The cost of installation of these replacements, including shipping and delivery, shall be borne by the supplier for the period of warranty.

Any equipment or part replaced under the provisions of this warranty becomes the property of the supplier. If the supplier desires the defective equipment or part returned, the supplier shall pay all transportation charges for the return. If the supplier does not specifically request return of such replaced parts within thirty (30) days from date of replacement, the equipment or parts become the property of the purchaser.
Replacement parts shall be regularly stocked by the supplier and/or authorized distributor. Delay in purchaser’s receipt of replacement parts shall not exceed ten (10) consecutive days from supplier or distributor’s receipt of order.

The supplier shall supply the purchaser, free of charge for the service life of the equipment, with all data, drawings and specifications of modifications, plans or experiments by which the equipment may be improved or modernized.

Lidar and Radar
Start Date: 05/25/2022  |  End Date: 05/24/2027
Solicitation#: 5400022353
Vendor: Stalker Radar
Contract#: 4400028509
Vendor#: 7000021080
Address: 855 E. Collins Blvd. Richardson TX 75081

Down-The-Road Radar Speed-Measurering Devices
Stalker Dual SL Ka S/M $2,195
Stalker Dual DSR * Ka S/M $2,495
Stalker DSR 2X Ka S/M $3,095
Stalker II SDR Ka S $1,595
Stalker II MDR  Ka S/M $2,195
Stalker Patrol  K S/M $1,695
*The LCD display is approved as a substituet for the original display unit for the Stalker DSR 2X radar. 

Lidar Speed-Measuring Devices and Systems 
Stalker RLR ** $2,695
Stalker XLR ** $2,395
Stalker XS ** $2,095

Percent Discount off non-market basket: 6%

Contact: Jan Achilles
Phone#: 972-398-3780
Email: sales@stalkerradar.com
Vendor: Dragoneye Technology LLC
Contract#: 4400028531
Vendor#: 7000246444
Address: 5680 Oakbrook Parkway Suite 149, Norcross GA 30093

Lidar Speed-Measuring Devices and Systems
Dragon Eye Compact Speed Lidar  $1,686
Dragon Eye Speed Lidar  $2,251

Percentage Discount off non-market basket items: 10%
Contact: Scott Patterson
Phone#: 770-441-7712 Ext. 151
Email: spatterson@dragoneyetech.com
Vendor: Laser Technology INC
Contract#: 4400028530
Vendor#: 7000075676
Address: 6912 S Quentin Street, Centennial CO 80112

Lidar Speed-Measuring Devices and Systems 
Tru Speed  $1,800
Tru Speed LR $2,195
Tru Speed S  $1,495
Tru Speed SXB $2,100
LTI Tru Vision  $6,385

Percentage Discount off non-market basket items: 10%
Contact: Cheri Miller
Phone#: 303-649-1000
Email: cmiller@lasertech.com
Vendor: Kustom Signals, Inc.
Contract#: 4400028805
Vendor#: 7000051231
Email: sales@kustomsignals.com
Address: 10901 W. 84th Terrance Suite 100 Lenexa, KS 66214
Phone#: 913-492-1400

Down-The-Road Radar Speed Measuring Devices
Model  Band Mode (S/M) Unit Price
Dual Eagle II Ka S/M $1,638.99
Dual Golden Eagle II  Ka  S/M $2,039.99
Dual Directional Golden Eagle II Ka S/M $2,541.24
Falcon HR  K S/M  $741.75
Directional Talon  Ka S/M $1,293.13
Raptor RP-1 K, Ka S/M $1,608.91
Eagle 3 Ka S/M $2,571.31

Lidar Speed-Measuring Devices and Systems 
Model  Unit Price
Laser Cam 4 $5,553.75
Pro Laser 4  $2,340.74

Non-market catalog discount percentage 20%

Awarded under solicitation 5400023146
Vendor: MPH Industries Inc.
Contract#: 4400028804
Vendor#: 7000036835
Email: info@mphindustries.com
Address: 316 E 9th Street Owensboro, KY 42303
Phone#: 270-685-6288

Down-The- Road Radar Speed Measuring Devices 
Model  Band  Mode (S/M) Unit Price 
BEE IIII K, Ka S/M $2,344.00
Enforcer  K, Ka S/M $2,075.00
Python III X, K, Ka S/M $1,949.00
Ranger EZ  K S/M $2,682.00
Speed Gun Pro  K S/M  $1,456.00

Lidar Speed Measuring Devices and Systems 
Model Unit Price
Sure Shot $2,495.00

Non-Market Basket Percentage Discount 5%

Awarded under solicitation 5400023146