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Mail Equipment
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Information TechnologyCooperativeLillanea Bouknight803.737.3224

This contract covers mailroom equipment, including postage machines, inserters, and other mail handling devices. Other than where essential to the operation of equipment, software enhancements are not covered by this contract. The sale of equipment is restricted to applications for mail and mailroom operations and functions only. Please review the South Carolina Participating Addendum for each vendor, as there are specific terms and exclusions for each. Any and all equipment leasing will be through the Statewide Term Contract: IT Equipment Leasing Postage meters always remain the property of the US Postal Service, so it may be necessary for an authorized signatory to sign a separate agreement for that equipment. Otherwise, DO NOT SIGN ANY OTHER DOCUMENTS THAT CONTAIN ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Mail Equipment
Start Date: 05/15/2022  |  End Date: 05/14/2027
NASPO Valuepoint Contract Link
Vendor: Bell & Howell LLC
Contract#: 4400030380
Vendor#: 7000179681
Address: 3791 S. Alston Ave. Durham, NC 27713
Phone#: 801-930-5402
Website: https://bellhowell.net/
Contact: Marjorie McDermott
Phone#: 801-930-5402
Email: Marjorie.McDermott@bhemail.com
Vendor: DMT Solutions Global Corporation (d/b/a BLUECREST)
Contract#: 4400030403
Vendor#: 7000265778
Address: 37 Executive Dr Danbury, CT 06810
Vendor Files/Links:
NASPO Mail Equipment DMT Solutions Global Corporation (d/b/a BLUECREST) Addendum
Contact: Tom Tanaka
Phone#: 310-714-9945
Email: Tom.tanaka@bluecrestinc.com
Contact: Terre Henry
Phone#: 910-297-6796
Email: Teresa.henry@bluecrestinc.com
Vendor: Pitney Bowes Corporation
Contract#: 4400030359
Vendor#: 7000315495
Address: 3001 Summer Street, Stamford, CT 06926
Website: https://www.pitneybowes.com/us
Vendor Files/Links:
NASPO Mail Equipment PA Addendum
Contact: Allen Land
Phone#: 864-200-8652
Email: Richard.land@PB.com
Vendor: Quadient Inc.
Contract#: 4400030402
Vendor#: 7000281572
Address: 478 Wheelers Farm Rd. Milford, CT 06461
Website: https://www.quadient.com/
Vendor Files/Links:
NASPO Mail Equipment PA Addendum
Contact: Ryan Mikel
Phone#: 651-592-1226
Email: r.mikel@quadient.com