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SAS (Analytical Software & Solutions)
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Information TechnologyStateTermRandy Barr803.896.5232


This State Term contract for SAS (Analytical Software & Solutions) products and services is listed below:
Categories of products offered: 
Software – includes a full catalog of SAS software products that includes, but is not limited to, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data management, decisioning, fraud and security intelligence, internet of things, marketing, open integration, operationalizing analytics, and risk management.
Annual Software Renewal Maintenance – includes the publishing of bug/defect fixes via patches and updates/upgrades in function and technology to maintain the operability and usability of the software product. It may also include other no-charge support that is included in the purchase price of the product in the commercial marketplace. No charge support includes items such as user blogs, discussion forums, online help libraries, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), hosted chat rooms, and limited telephone, email, and/or web-based general technical support for users' self-diagnostics.
On-Site/Off-Site Education/Training – Offers a wide range of courses that covers SAS portfolio of products and solutions, and with a variety of training, and modalities to meet the differing needs of learners across the globe.
Professional Services – including installation and configuration, development, customization, and mentoring of State agency support staff to enable such staff to provide ongoing support for the applications or systems internally. Services could include program management, solution architecture, requirements gathering, quality assurance/quality control, subject matter expertise, knowledge transfer, assessment, solution development, compliance, and technical leadership.
Hosting – including the design and delivery of software, infrastructure, and services in a managed environment.

SAS (Analytical Software & Solutions)
Start Date: 06/16/2022  |  End Date: 06/15/2027
Solicitation#: 5400022025
Vendor: Executive Information Systems, LLC
Contract#: 4400028450
Vendor#: 7000038535
Email: JWard@execinfosys.com
Address: 6901 Rockledge Drive Suite 600 Bethesda MD 20817
Phone#: 301-581-1097
Fax#: 301-581-2573

                                 DISCOUNT % MSRP
Category % off MSRP 
Software  21%
Annual Software Renewal 21%
On-Site / Off-Site Education/ Training  6%
Hosting  16%

On-Site/Off-Site Professional Services Hourly Labor RateExpert Consultant 

Expert Consultant  $320.60
Principal Solutions Architect $289.25
Principal Consultant  $256.46
Managing Consultant  $224.38
Senior Systems Consultant  $192.36
Technical Consultant  $152.97
Vendor Files/Links:
Contact: Jonathan Ward
Phone#: 301-581-1097
Email: JWard@execinfosys.com