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Firefighting Foam
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Firefighting foam is used for training purposes as well as real-life situations. The State has recognized the need to enter into a contract(s) with suppliers who can offer the different types of firefighting foam used throughout the State. This contract is mandatory for governmental bodies to follow the terms and conditions. 

Firefighting Foam
Start Date: 06/30/2022  |  End Date: 06/29/2027
Solicitation#: 5400023079
Vendor: Hiller Systems
Contract#: 4400029229
Vendor#: 7000297395
Email: cwood@hillercompanies.com
Address: 2031 Avenue B. Building 44 North Charleston SC 29405
Phone#: 843-767-6500
Fax#: 843-767-6555
All Non-Market Basket Catalog Items are Discounted at 10%

Under Contract number 4400029881
Lot 2 - Hazard Control Technologies 
Lot 3 - Fireade
Lot 4- Firebull 
Vendor Files/Links:
Price List
Vendor: Verde Environmental Inc.
Contract#: 4400029675
Vendor#: 7000322776
Email: gregscogin@micro-blaze.com
Address: 9223 Eastex Freeway; Houston TX 77093
Phone#: 713-691-6468
Fax#: 713-691-2331
Website: https//:www.micro-blaze.com
Class A/B Foam  Item # 5 Gal Pail  Item # 55 Gallon Drum 
Micro-Blaze Out (Class A & Class B) MBO-5 $95.00 MBO-55 $1,045.00

** Solicitation 5400023595
Vendor: Safe Industries
Contract#: 4400029880
Vendor#: 700002273
Email: tdowling@safeindustries.com
Address: 5031 Highway 153; Easley, SC 29642
Phone#: 803-960-8979
Website: https://safeindustries.com/
Vendor Files/Links:
Price List
Contact: Taylor Dowling