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Merchant Bank Card Services
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Goods & ServicesStateTermMichael S. Speakmon803.737.9816


The Merchant Services Contract is no longer managed by the Division of Procurement Services, it is managed by the State Treasurer's Office (STO), so there is no contract in SCEIS to issue a purchase order against. SCEIS users should establish their PO as an Exempt PO referencing the "Treasurer - Debt & Banking Functions" exemption.

You may access the STO contract documents by copying this link into your browser:  


Any questions concerning the contract should be addressed to their office using the contact information below.

State Treasurer's Office (STO) Merchant Card Services
Start Date: 04/25/2022  |  End Date: 04/25/2028
Contract#: N/A
Solicitation#: N/A
Vendor: State Treasurer's Office (STO) Merchant Services Contract
Contact: Myron Watterson
Email: Myron.watterson@sto.sc.gov