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Contracts are for the full product line of the manufacturers offering, and the same cost-plus percent will apply to all vehicles. UGUs may order via government build opportunities, directly from the Contractors retail opportunities or existing vehicles available on the Contractors lot.

Ordering Process

  1. Before issuing a purchase order (PO), the Using Governmental Unit (UGU) will request quotes from at least two Contractors for the type of vehicle(s) requested, if more than one Contractor has vehicles available. A UGU may request additional copies of manuals, additional parts or repair manuals, training on the specific equipment, or other option packages available. This information will be provided to the Contractor prior to requesting the quote.
  1. The Contractor will provide the price available at the time of the quote using the latest information available from the manufacturer at the time and considering option packages or other additions to meet a state standard specification. The Contractor is responsible for communicating any potential price changes during the manufacturing process, and then give the UGU the option to accept the changes or cancel the PO. The Contractor should take all steps available to protect the UGU from manufacturer’s price increases when possible. Examples of acceptable cost validation tools include, but are not limited to, a manufacturers invoice (different manufacturers have different names for these) and price lists. Adds made by the dealer that do not come from the manufacturer will be validated through use of the invoices from any upfitter, body shop, window tint provider, or any other provider necessary to meet the requirements of a state standard specification or a UGU requested option.
  1. Contractor will also provide an estimated delivery time with each quote. UGU’s will consider both price and delivery time when determining which Contractor to issue the PO to.
  1. All costs, to include delivery and the contracted state administrative fee are included in the contracted cost-plus percent.
  1. Upon delivery, Contractor must provide all documentation necessary to justify the cost they paid for the vehicle(s). Documentation may differ between manufacturers, but at a minimum must show the following:
    1. The price the Contractor paid for the vehicle(s) from the manufacturer including any delivery fees.
    2. The price of any dealer adds requested by the UGU and/or to meet a state standard specification.
    3. Any price changes that occurred during vehicle production that were approved by the UGU.
    4. The total price of the vehicle(s) after all costs are added.
    5. The total price of the vehicle(s) with the Contractors added cost-plus percent.
  1. The UGU will verify the final cost for the vehicle(s) as part of, and before, final acceptance.
  1. Failure to provide sufficient documentation to justify the final price of the vehicle will be justification to reject the vehicle(s)

Some UGU’s may have additional requirements or specifications for a particular vehicle (i.e., DOT wiring harness, DNR wiring harness, DOT pintle, etc.) that may not be standard to the manufacturer. These additional requirements or specifications will be provided to the Contractor on a case-by-case basis by the UGU when requesting a quote in Step 1 above.

Start Date: 09/13/2022  |  End Date: 09/12/2024
Solicitation#: 5400024254
List of Contractors, Manufacturer's and Maximum Cost Plus Percent
Vendor: Alan Jay
Contract#: 4400029875
Vendor#: 7000281243
Address: 5530 US Hwy 27 S, Sebring, FL 33870
Contact: Matt Forte
Phone#: 863-402-4234
Email: matt.forte@alanjay.com
Vendor: Dick Smith Ford
Contract#: 4400029866
Vendor#: 7000088455
Address: 7201 Garner's Ferry Rd., Columbia, SC 29209
Contact: Mark Coward
Phone#: 803-422-0707
Email: markcoward@dicksmith.com
Contact: Adam Rodriguez
Phone#: 803-343-5812
Email: adamrodriguez@dicksmith.com
Vendor: Excel Truck Group
Contract#: 4400029872
Vendor#: 7000245133
Address: 2790 Shop Rd., Columbia, SC 29209
Contact: Bill Fuller
Phone#: 803-376-4455 Ext 1205
Email: bfuller@exceltg.com
Vendor: Herlong Ford
Contract#: 4400029868
Vendor#: 7000178414
Address: 775 Augusta Road, Edgefield, SC 39824
Contact: Kelly Sanders
Phone#: 803-480-1436 (Cell)
Email: kelly@herlong.net
Contact: Elizabeth Wiseman
Phone#: 803-637-3151
Email: elizabeth@herlong.net
Contact: Allan Hatcher
Phone#: 803-393-8796
Email: allan@herlong.net
Vendor: Horace G Ilderton, LLC
Contract#: 4400029867
Vendor#: 7000145179
Address: 701 S Main St., High Point, NC 27260
Contact: Odell McBride
Phone#: 336-822-8709
Email: omcbride@ilderton.com
Vendor: Lynn Cooper
Contract#: 4400029864
Vendor#: 7000025437
Address: 305 East Main St., Clinton, SC 29325
Contact: Chip Cooper
Phone#: 864-833-1741
Email: chipcooper@lynncooper.com
Vendor: Performance CDJR
Contract#: 4400029871
Vendor#: 7000241847
Address: 605 Warsaw Road, Clinton, NC 28328
Contact: Gary Shaffer
Phone#: 910-592-5337
Email: gshaffer@performancecdjr.com
Contact: Gene Daniel
Phone#: 910-592-5337
Email: gdaniel@ramclinton.com
Vendor: Performance Ford
Contract#: 4400029873
Vendor#: 7000253842
Address: 213 Southeast Blvd, Clinton, NC 28328
Contact: Gary Shaffer
Phone#: 910-592-5337
Email: gshaffer@performancecdjr.com
Contact: Gene Daniel
Phone#: 910-592-5337
Email: gdaniel@ramclinton.com
Vendor: Santee Automotive
Contract#: 4400029870
Vendor#: 7000214142
Address: 2601 Paxville Highway, Manning, SC 29102
Contact: Scott Watford
Phone#: 888-853-5338
Email: scott@santeefleet.com
Vendor: Shealy's Truck Center
Contract#: 4400029876
Vendor#: 7000028278
Address: 1340 Bluff Rd., Columbia, SC 29201
Contact: Steve Gardner
Phone#: 803-201-9257
Email: sgardner@shealytruck.com
Vendor: Stivers Ford
Contract#: 4400026869
Vendor#: 700019147
Address: 4000 Eastern Blvd., Montgomery, AL 36116
Contact: Craig McAdams
Phone#: 334-613-5000
Email: craigmcadams@stiversonline.com
Vendor: US Fleet Source
Contract#: 4400029874
Vendor#: 7000264582
Address: 979 Village Oaks Dr., Covina, CA 91724
Contact: Sales
Phone#: 877-315-9397
Email: sales@usfleetsource.com
Vendor: Ford of Spartanburg
Contract#: 4400033713
Vendor#: 7000346069
Address: 501 E. Daniel Wergan Ave., Spartanburg, SC 29302
In December 2023, Vic Bailey Ford was purchased and renamed to Ford of Spartanburg. The contract for Vic Bailey was terminated and a new contract was awarded to Ford of Spartanburg.
Contact: David Vetter
Phone#: 864-585-3600 Ext 267
Email: dvetter@fordofspartanburg.com
Vendor: Benson Ford
Contract#: 4400031131
Vendor#: 7000216941
Address: 4701 Calhoun Memorial Hwy, Easley, SC 29640
Contact: Thomas Thorpe
Phone#: 864-523-5677
Email: benson.fleet@gmail.com
Vendor: Benson Nissan
Contract#: 4400031132
Vendor#: 7000246679
Address: PO Box 3447, Spartanburg, SC 29304
Contact: Jimmy Benson
Phone#: 864-419-3627
Email: jbenson@bensonautomotive.com
Contact: Tim McGaha
Phone#: 864-420-4404
Email: tmcgaha@bensonspartanburg.com
Vendor: Love Chevrolet
Contract#: 4400031134
Vendor#: 7000044959
Address: PO Box 8387, Columbia, SC 29202
Contact: Don Lockhart
Phone#: 803-513-5905
Email: governmentsales@loveauto.com
Vendor: Wade Ford (Premier Automotive, Inc)
Contract#: 4400031133
Vendor#: 7000297501
Address: 3860 South Cob Dr., Smyrna, GA 30080
Contact: Roger Moore
Phone#: 678-460-3881
Email: rmoore@wade.com
Vendor: Benson Automotive of Spartanburg (Kia)
Contract#: 4400032973
Vendor#: 7000341724
Address: 1098 N. Pine Street, Spartanburg, SC, 29304
Contact: Jimmy Benson
Phone#: 864-419-3627
Email: jbenson@bensonautomotive
Contact: Alex Benson
Phone#: 864-419-9445
Email: abenson@bensonautomotive.com
Vendor: Benson CDJR
Contract#: 4400032824
Vendor#: 7000164300
Address: 415 West wade Hampton Blvd., Greer, SC 29650
Contact: Christopher Bensch
Phone#: 864-655-6114
Email: chris@bensoncdj.com
Vendor: Richard Kay Automotive
Contract#: 4400032823
Vendor#: 7000154825
Address: 1935 Pearman Dairy Rd., Anderson, SC 29625
Contact: James Oliver
Phone#: 864-824-3907
Email: joliver@richardkayauto.com
Vendor: Benson Hyundai
Contract#: 4400034320
Vendor#: 7000341998
Address: 2550 Reidville Rd., Spartanburg, SC 29301
Contact: Jeffery Belsky
Phone#: 864-751-7411
Email: jbelsky@bensonautomotive.com