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Temporary Medical Services
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Temporary medical staffing services with Locum Tenens. The State has established a minimum and maximum hourly pay rate for each position. Contractors will invoice the State at the hourly pay rate, as determined by the UGU, plus the markup percentage given as part of the Contractor's bid. Contractors and UGUs may not pay any position less than the minimum rate or exceed the established maximum hourly pay rate.

The Contractor is responsible for any temporary medical personnel assigned to the UGU as an employee. The Contractor shall pay all wages, vacation/holiday pay, insurance, and taxes relating to their employment. The State will not be responsible for any insurance requirements that may be necessary for the Contractor or the medical services provider, including malpractice insurance.

If the UGU determines it is necessary before or during the assignment. The minimum drug screening requirement is the US Department of Health & Human Services' 5-panel DOT screening.

Temporary Medical Services
Start Date: 11/18/2022  |  End Date: 11/17/2024
Solicitation#: 5400024065
Temporary Medical Staff Vendors