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Career Ready Assessments
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The purpose of this contract is to provide statewide career readiness assessments. Administration of this career readiness assessment will include, but is not limited to, the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) eleventh and twelfth grade students and the South Carolina Department of Employment Workforce (SCDEW) job-seeking adults. This contract will provide an assessment or assessments that are valid indicators of career readiness and essential soft skills.

The career readiness assessments must serve the educational needs of South Carolina and the workforce development practitioners in their goal to link jobseekers with employers to meet the business needs in the state. Businesses have identified multiple types of soft skills that make effective employees including problem solving, teamwork/collaboration, communication, initiative, flexibility and interpersonal skills. 

Career Ready Assessments
Start Date: 11/16/2022  |  End Date: 11/15/2027
Solicitation#: 5400023732
Vendor: Worldwide Interactive Network, Inc. (WIN)
Contract#: 4400030398
Vendor#: 7000053961
Address: 1000 Waterford Place
Note:  The Price List contains pricing for all five years of the contract and for the items WIN Work Ready Employability Skills Assessments (Math, Reading, & Data) and WIN Work Ready Soft Skills Assessment.
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Price List
Contact: Steve Fain - Executive Vice President
Phone#: 859-582-6501
Email: sfain@winlearning.com
Contact: Teresa Chasteen
Phone#: 865-617-1917
Email: tchasteen@winlearning.com