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Marketing Services
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The purpose of the Fixed Price Bid is to provide South Carolina UGUs with multiple, pre-approved vendors who can provide the following services:

1. Graphic Design (using design elements to create digital and printable items to convey information or create an effect)
2. Videography and video editing (recording and editing images with a video camera to create informative and informational videos)
3. Photography (taking and editing images to be used as marketing tools)
4. Public Relations (developing strategic communication processes that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics)
5. Crisis Communications Management (helping an entity effectively communicate during times of crisis to promote transparency while protecting the reputation of the entity and the state)
6. Freelance Writing (drafting and developing various communications in various formats and for delivery through various mediums)
7. Marketing Strategy Services (providing a wide range of marketing services from developing marketing strategies and messaging for delivery through various mediums, media and social media ad buying, and search engine optimization).
These services are limited to single projects only with a maximum dollar value of $250,000.00.
This contract is mandatory. However, it the using governmental unit already has a long term contract for marketing services, the contract is not mandatory.

Marketing Services
Start Date: 12/21/2022  |  End Date: 12/20/2025
Solicitation#: 5400023703

The attached mandatory engagement agreement is to be used once services have been determined with the contractor. Section II. Payment, of the agreement shows daily, but can also be edited to reflect hourly. If multiple contractors will be used for a single $250,000 project, a separate engagement agreement will need to be completed. If a vendor has already completed a project, but an update to that project is requested, another agreement will also need to be completed. Total cost of multiple vendor engagement agreements is not to exceed $250,000 for the project.


Awarded Vendors
Engagement Agreement