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Cold Laid Asphalt Concrete Mixtures
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Cold laid asphalt concrete surface mixture for use in maintenance patchwork. Cold laid asphalt concrete surface mixture shall be composed of aggregate and liquid asphalt from approved sources. Aggregates and liquid asphalt shall be blended and prepared in an approved mixing plant.  This material shall consist of a cold laid asphalt concrete surface mixture for use in maintenance patchwork. 

Concrete Mixture Type 2 Meeting Current SCDOT Specifications

Cold Laid Asphalt Concrete Mixtures
Start Date: 04/01/2023  |  End Date: 03/31/2028
Solicitation#: 5400023591

Delivery time all items shall be delivered no later than fourteen (14) business days from receipt of purchase order or notification from an SCDOT location or any requesting agency/political subdivision's representative eligible to utilize this contract. 
The Contractor will be required to remove the old material if the product is deemed to have no useable value to the Department. The Resident Maintenance Engineer may deem the material is suitable for fill or other use if not used for its intended use as an asphalt surface repair patch.  

Vendor: Associated Asphalts Columbia, LLC
Contract#: 4400030863
Vendor#: 7000256216
Email: jmims@associatedasphalt.com
Address: 2700 William Tuller Drive Columbia SC 29205
Phone#: (803) 799-7335
Website: http://www.associatedasphalt.com
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Contact: Budias, Ivo
Phone#: (803) 799-5335
Email: ibudias@associatedasphalt.com
Contact: Mims, John
Phone#: (803) 360-7334
Email: jmims@associatedasphalt.com