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Science Education Supplies
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Goods & ServicesStateTermPortia Davis803.737.5473

The intent of these statewide contracts is for the purchase of Science Education Supplies and Equipment that are used in an instructional forum in school grade levels ranging from kindergarten through the community colleges, but may also be used by other authorized users. Laboratory Equipment and Supplies as may be required by an official operating laboratory, and/or for research and educational purposes in a university setting (undergraduate and graduate level schooling), would normally use the Laboratory Supplies, Equipment and Chemicals term contract. While some of the items included in the resulting contract may be a subset of the larger Laboratory Supplies and Equipment contract, the key discriminator on determining whether the use of this contract is appropriate is the type of institution that is ordering the supplies.

GENERAL: The percentage discounts are off each vendor’s currently published catalog/list price. The discount shall apply to the unit price and applicable to all designations such as each case, package, lot, etc. This discount shall also be applicable to quantity discounts when an item meets the quantity requirements on an individual order. There are four (4) awarded vendors, and just because one vendor offers a higher discount % from their list price, does not necessarily mean it is the lowest net price to the State. It is always best to check multiple vendors’ prices before issuing a purchase order. Any items excluded by the contractor from the discounts listed, other than those specifically addressed below, are not included in the contracts and will require proper competition.

DELIVERY: After award, all deliveries shall be made and all services provided to the location specified by the Using Governmental Unit in its purchase order. Routine catalog items shall be delivered within ten (10) days and special or non-catalog items shall be delivered in thirty (30) days. Using governmental units may request expedited delivery when needed. Any additional delivery, packaging fees or setup charges must be invoiced to the using governmental unit as a pass through cost. Contractor must communicate to the using governmental unit any additional shipping or setup charges PRIOR to order acceptance. Contractors must also follow-up/track backorders and keep ordering entities advised of the order status or and whether items have been dropped and must be reordered. For individual orders totaling less than $ 100.00, contractor shall ship these orders prepaid, add the shipping charges to the invoice as a separate charge and include in the invoice total for payment by Using Governmental Unit.

RETURN GOODS POLICY As a minimum requirement, the Contractors shall be responsible for filing, processing, and collecting all claims for damaged products, and for promptly replacing any defective item in a timely manner.

Science Education Supplies
Start Date: 05/29/2023  |  End Date: 05/28/2028
Solicitation#: 5400024380
The following commodity categories are excluded from this contract:
1. Precious metals (not including chemicals containing precious metals)
2. All microscopes and their accessories. (Prepared slides are not considered microscope accessories and are allowed.)
3. Computer equipment that requires State IT approval
4. Specialty chemicals preferred for research use are obtainable for under $500.00 per line item. (General lab chemicals used in school settings are not considered “specialty.”)
5. All equipment items with a Unit List Price of $75,000.00 or more
6. Any item excluded from the Offeror’s discount offered
7. All Laboratory furniture with a Unit List Price of $75,000.00 or more
8. Items covered under other existing contracts
Vendor: Carolina Biological Supply Company
Contract#: 4400031150
Vendor#: 7000024724
Email: Tom.Trapp@carolina.com
Address: 2700 York Rd. Burlington, NC 27215
Phone#: 402-960-5578
Website: https:www.carolina.com
10% Discount off List Price

  • Smithsonian STC Products
  • Building Blocks of Science
  • K-8 Curriculum
  • Carolina Distance Learning Kits
Contact: Tom Trapp
Phone#: 402-960-5578
Email: Tom.Trapp@carolina.com
Vendor: Fisher Scientific Company LLC (Fisher Science Education Business Unit)
Contract#: 4400031151
Vendor#: 7000197860
Email: frank.kowalczyk@thermofisher.com
Address: 4500 Turnberry Drive, Hanover Park, IL 60133
Phone#: 704-666-0294
Fax#: 800-955-0740
Website: www.fisheredu.com
32% Discount off List Price

  • Non-Catalog Personal Protection Equipment
  • Sale/Clearance Items
  • Items End with "ND"
  • Special Orders (Refrigerator, Frozen or Live Products), excluding Live Hazardous and Motor Freight Items. 
Contact: Frank Kowalczyk
Phone#: 704-666-0294
Email: frank.kowalczyk@thermofisher.com
Vendor: School Specialty LLC
Contract#: 4400031152
Vendor#: 7000294938
Email: bidnotices@schoolspecialty.com
Address: PO Box 1579 Appleton WI 54912
Phone#: 888-388-3224
Website: https://www.schoolspecialty.com
35% Discount off List Price

Parcel Item Orders ship free of charge (9 and 5 prefix items)
Truck/Freight Item ship free of charge (6 prefix items)
 Live specimens (prefix L) hazardous materials (prefix H), and non-discountable items (prefix N) may incur additional charges.  
Contact: Sean Easton
Phone#: 336-404-5418
Email: sean.easton@schoolspecialty.com
Contact: Harold Crawford
Phone#: 803-391-2711
Email: Harold.Crawford@schoolspecialty.com
Vendor: Ward's Science
Contract#: 4400031153
Vendor#: 7000197935
Email: wardscs@vwr.com
Phone#: 800-962-2660
Fax#: 800-635-8439
Website: https://www.wardsci.com/store/
15% Discount Off List Price
**All items designated with a price ending in "9" (example: $5.49) will not be eligible for this discount.  All clearance items are not eligible for a discount. 
Contact: Karol Stephens
Phone#: 770-826-4060
Email: karol.stephens@vwr.com
Vendor: Sargent Welch
Contract#: 4400031154
Vendor#: 7000197913
Email: sargentwelchcs@vwr.com
Address: 5100 West Henrietta Road, PO Box 92912, Rochester, NY 14692
Phone#: 800-727-4368
Fax#: 800-676-2540
Website: www.sargentwelch.com
33% Discount off List Price 

**All items ending in a "9" (example 12.89) will not be eligible for the discount. All clearance items do not qualify for a discount. 
Contact: Karol Stephens
Phone#: 770-826-4060
Email: karol.stephens@vwr.com