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Rock Salt
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General Requirements: This bid covers sodium chloride (rock salt) for the purpose of highway pre-icing/deicing.
The rock salt must meet the Standard Specification for Sodium Chloride Type 1 Grade 1 as detailed in the AASHTO M143-03 including the following physical requirements of grading:


Sieve Size

Mass % Passing

19mm (3/4 in.)


12.5mm (1/2 in.)


9.5mm (3/8 in.)

95 to 100

4.75mm (No. 4)

20 to 90

2.36mm (No. 8)

10 to 60

600µm (No. 30)

0 to 15

Transport: The rock salt purchased under the terms of this contract shall be transported as follows:

  1. Minimum 22 ton truckloads (bulk) delivered F.O.B.
  2. Trucks transporting the rock salt must have the entire cargo area completely covered by a waterproof tarpaulin or similar material. Torn or ripped covers may be cause for rejection of the truckload.
  3. All transport tickets shall be computerized, no hand written weights will be accepted.
  4. Transport shall be during normal business hours at the designated customers facility, or SCDOT maintenance facility, as long as SCDOT deems roads passable.

Order Quantities:

  1. The State reserves the right to order on an as needed basis - minimum 22-ton truckloads (bulk).
  2. The designated maintenance facility (See Section 2.0 Transport; A above) ordering the rock salt shall accommodate the size of its order to any reasonable type of trucking equipment normally used in the hauling of bulk material.
  3. The name and numbers of contact personnel will be provided on each purchase order. Each purchase order will provide quantity needed.

Open Purchase Orders: Customers may, at their discretion, establish an open purchase order with the contractor to facilitate the purchasing of materials. Delivery of items on these open purchase orders shall not exceed the contract effective period. The purchase of materials may be placed by:

  1. Written purchase order.
  2. Telephone orders by authorized personnel.
  3. An itemized order in writing.

Pay Items (Unit is per ton): The State requests the following options for transporting salt.

  1. Rock Salt - Off Season Delivery (April 15 – November 30) – Delivery must be made within 20 business days upon receipt of purchase order by the customer or SCDOT designated maintenance facility.
  2. Rock Salt - In Season Delivery (December 1 – April 14) – Delivery must be made within 10 business days upon receipt of purchase order by the customer or SCDOT designated maintenance facility.
  3. Rock Salt - SCDOT Pickup (January 1 – December 31) – SCDOT may request to use SCDOT trucks/haulers to pick up salt directly from the awardee’s storage facility. Non-SCDOT customers may also elect to use their own trucks/haulers in lieu of delivery.
  4. Emergency Delivery Surcharge (January 1 – December 31) – Emergency deliveries must be received within 24 hours upon receipt of purchase order and may be during inclement weather. When Emergency Delivery is requested, a surcharge for emergency deliveries will be added to the appropriate unit price for rock salt. The surcharge will be void if the awardee is unable to deliver within 24 hours upon receipt of purchase order.


Rock Salt
Start Date: 09/28/2023  |  End Date: 09/27/2028
Solicitation#: 5400025630
Vendor: Morton Salt, Inc.
Contract#: 4400032603
Vendor#: 7000209770
Address: 444 West Lake Street, Suite 3000, Chicago, IL 60606
Website: https://www.mortonsalt.com/
Rock Salt Off Season Delivery ( April 15 - November 30) * Must be delivered within 20 business days of receipt of PO $129.33
Rock Salt In Season Delivery (December 1 - April 14) *Must be delivered within 10 business day of receipt of PO $129.33
Rock Salt - Customer Pickup * Customer uses their own assets to pick up orders  $125.00
Rock Salt- Emergency Delivery *Must be delivered within 24 hours of receipt of PO  $149.33
Contact: Morton Customer Service
Phone#: 855-665-4540
Email: buyroadsalt@mortonsalt.com