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PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Information TechnologyCooperativeYolanda Cohen803.737.9854

HP Enterprise Servers, Storage, Peripherals.

Any and all leasing will be through the State Term Contract for IT Equipment Leasing with Ontario Investments, Inc.
Link to IT Equipment Leasing Contract Sheet

Important Note: Please review the SC Participating Addendum (PA) prior to purchase as it lists exclusions to each individual vendor's contract. At a minimum no vendor is allowed to sell: instructional packages; AV equipment; whiteboards; any item for which there is a state term contract; software, software maintenance, subscriptions or downloads (except operating software with initial purchase of equipment).  The only printers that are allowed under this contract is desktop.  Network printers are to be procured under the print management contract.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Start Date: 11/01/2023  |  End Date: 06/30/2028
Contract#: 4400032926
Solicitation#: Master Agreement# 23008

Send Orders to:
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Attn: Public Sector Sales
1701 East Mossy Oaks Road Spring, TX 77389
Email: us-sled-order@hpe.com

For Escalations and NASPO ValuePoint Contract Manager:
Stacey Kearns
Phone: 512-319-3018 (office
Phone: 501-205-6277 (mobile)
Email: stacey.lyn.kearns@hpe.com

Orders may also be made through Hewlett Packard Enterprise resellers who have been awarded a contract by ITMO. See list of authorized resellers below.
NASPO Master Agreement
SC Participating Addendum
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Contract Pricing
Vendor: Applied Data Technologies
Contract#: 4400033217
Vendor#: 7000035423
Address: 8515 Crown Crescent Court Charlotte NC 28227
Phone#: 704-847-3000
Fax#: 704-847-3077
Website: http://www.applieddatatech.com
Contact: Terri Barnes
Phone#: 803-417-4627
Email: terri.barnes@applieddatatech.com
Contact: Gretchen Baumann
Phone#: 704-847-3000
Email: gretchen.baumann@applieddatatech.com
Contact: Ashley Powell
Phone#: 803-230-4591
Email: ashley.powell@applieddatatech.com
Contact: Jennifer Clabeaux
Phone#: 704-847-3000
Email: jennifer.clabeaux@applieddatatech.com
Vendor: BlueAlly Technology Solutions LLC
Contract#: 4400033218
Vendor#: 7000233491
Email: reach@blueally.com
Address: 1255 Crescent Green Suite 300 Cary NC 27518
Phone#: 704-912-1869
Website: http://blueally.com/
SPIN#  143044080
Contact: Tommy Jackson
Phone#: 336-782-1400
Email: tjackson@blueally.com
Vendor: Bridgetek Solutions LLC
Contract#: 4400033219
Vendor#: 7000207039
Email: sales@bridgeteksolutions.com
Address: PO Box 27141 Greenville SC 29616
Phone#: 864-214-0221 ext 1
Fax#: 864-214-0221
Website: http://www.bridgeteksolutions.com
Contact: Kelley Turpin - VP of Sales and Marketing
Phone#: 704-517-3002
Email: kturpin@bridgeteksolutions.com
Contact: Jason Lepper (CTO)
Phone#: 864-214-0221
Email: jlepper@bridgeteksolutions.com
Vendor: Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc.
Contract#: 4400033220
Vendor#: 7000049733
Email: susan@cadinc.com
Address: 1010 High House Road Suite 300 Cary NC 27513
Phone#: 919-460-1313 ext 102
Fax#: 919-460-1314
Website: http://www.cadinc.com
Contact: Julie Allen
Phone#: 919-460-1313 x211
Email: julie@cadinc.com
Contact: Jennifer Minella
Phone#: 919-469-1313 x101
Email: jjx@cadinc.com
Vendor: CDW Government LLC
Contract#: 4400033221
Vendor#: 7000033346
Email: joshdon@cdwg.com
Address: 2001 Edmund Halley Drive Suite 500 Reston VA 20191
Phone#: 703-621-8425
Contact: Joe Goodwin - Sales Manager
Phone#: 877.325.2919
Email: joegoo@cdw.com
Contact: Leslie Smith - Field Account Manager
Phone#: 919.667.4821
Email: leslie.smith@cdwg.com
Vendor: Data Network Solutions Inc.
Contract#: 4400033223
Vendor#: 7000035473
Email: orders@datanetworksolutions.com
Address: 629 Lake Tide Drive Chapin SC 29036
Phone#: 803-932-9915
Fax#: 803-932-9914
Website: http://www.datanetworksolutions.com
Contact: Fred Reavis
Phone#: 803-932-9915
Email: fred.reavis@datanetworksolutions.com
Vendor: eGroup Holding Company LLC
Contract#: 4400033224
Vendor#: 7000208493
Email: insidesales@egroup-us.com
Address: PO Box 38 Mount Pleasant SC 29465
Phone#: 843-284-0146
Fax#: 843-284-0150
Website: http://egroup-us.com
Contact: Ben Gaddy - Inside Sales
Phone#: 843-284-0146
Email: insidesales@eGroup-us.com
Contact: Jeff Thomas
Phone#: 843-284-0146
Email: insidesales@eGroup-us.com
Vendor: Encore Technology Group
Contract#: 4400033225
Vendor#: 7000195727
Address: 141 Grace Drive Easley SC 29640
Phone#: 888-983-6267
Website: http://www.encoretg.com
Contact: Stacy Kuper - Account Executive
Phone#: 864-542-7905
Email: insidesales@egroup-us.com
Vendor: High Performance Technologies Inc.
Contract#: 4400033226
Vendor#: 7000230922
Address: 1111 Carmel Commons Blvd
Phone#: 704-553-2335
Contact: Marty Chilton
Phone#: 704-577-2178
Email: marty.chilton@highperftech.com
Contact: Lee Harvin
Phone#: 803-738-2830
Email: lee.harvin@highperftech.com
Vendor: SHI International Corp
Contract#: 4400033227
Vendor#: 7000339906
Email: carolinateam@shi.com
Address: PO Box 952121 Dallas TX 75395-2121
Phone#: 888-764-8888
Website: http://www.publicsector.shidirect.com/
Contact: Tim Smith - State/Local Government Account Executive
Phone#: 803-212-8717
Email: timothy_smith@shi.com
Contact: Orlinda Rose - Higher Education Account Executive
Phone#: 770-906-1711
Email: orlinda_rose@shi.com
Contact: Willie Ivery - K-12 Account Executive
Phone#: 404-729-0281
Email: willie_ivery@shi.com
Contact: Jennifer Huseth - Inside Sales Team Manager
Phone#: 732-868-6286
Email: jennifer_huseth@shi.com
Contact: Nick Grappone - Public Sector Contracts Specialist
Phone#: 732-564-8189
Email: nick_grappone@shi.com
Vendor: Verinext Corp
Contract#: 4400033748
Vendor#: 7000336300
Address: 4 SENTRY PARKWAY STE 300, BLUE BELL, Pennsylvania 19422
Phone#: 704-910-2484
Contact: Mike Arnold - On Site Sales Support
Phone#: 954.648.8501
Email: mike.arnold@verinext.com
Contact: Jeff Garrett - Technical Contact
Phone#: 704-910-2484
Email: jgarrett@veristor.com
Contact: Justin Richardson - Account Executive
Phone#: 980.579.8565
Email: justin.richardson@verinext.com
Vendor: Converged, LLC
Contract#: 4400034278
Vendor#: 7000334742
Email: inquire@converged.tech
Address: 807 Gervais St, Columbia, SC 29201
Phone#: 803-587-8290
Website: https://converged.tech/
Contact: Moe Lonergan
Phone#: 803-201-9690
Email: moe.lonergan@converged.tech