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Detention Supplies
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Goods & ServicesStateTermPortia Davis803.737.5473


The State of South Carolina wishes to purchase detention supplies and equipment. The Offeror is desired to provide shoe sizing, alterations, embroidery, screen print, and installation of patches, when applicable, for the Using Governmental Units (UGUs). The Offeror shall notify the UGUs of any quality issues, including recalls, upgrades, and product warnings that may affect product performance and safety.

Excluded from this contract are the following: 

There may be items in the Contractors catalog that are already available on other Statewide Term Contracts (STCs). Items available on other STCs are NOT included in awards resulting from this solicitation and are expressly prohibited from being sold under any contract awarded from this solicitation. Under no circumstances will a Contractor sell excluded items under their contract.

Items awarded in these contracts that will be excluded from this award:

Police Belts, Holsters & Accessories https://www.procurement.sc.gov/contracts/search?v=13618-9919-0-0

Medical & surgical Supplies https://www.procurement.sc.gov/contracts/search?v=13618-9919-0-0

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Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, and Dispensers https://www.procurement.sc.gov/contracts/search?v=16281-9919-0-0

Trash Can Liners https://www.procurement.sc.gov/contracts/search?v=14933-9919-0-0
Mattresses https://procurement.sc.gov/contracts/search?v=20619-9919-0-0  


Detention Supplies
Start Date: 10/11/2023  |  End Date: 10/10/2028
Solicitation#: 5400025264
Contract#: 4400032828
Vendor#: 7000024962
Address: 7925 PURFOY RD FUQUAY VARINA NC 27526
Phone#: 800-334-9880
Website: Https://WWW.BOBBARKER.COM
Non-Market Basket Items Percent Discount 34%
Oversized Clothing:
2XL - 5XL = $2.50 Each/ $4.00 Dozen
T-Shirts Items  ZCTSNV and  ZBTSASH $3.50 Each 
6XL and Larger = $4.50 Each / $6.00 Dozen

Optional Services
Sewing Per Patch $5.00 Per Swen Patch on Garment
Embroidery Per Item $5.00 Per Garment
Screen Printing Items $0.85 Per Screen 
Description  Item No. UOM Price Per Unit
ASP Extended Rigid Ultra JZ-A56030 EA 158.88
ASP Identifier Chain Ultra JZ-56004 EA 69.27
ASP S1 Swivel Handcuff Key JZ-56252 EA 15.96
ASP Transport Kit - Belt w/Cuf JZ-56178 EA 338.11
Admission Kits/ Indigent Kits (Soap/shampoo/razor/toothbrush/toothpaste) C1501 EA 0.59
ASP Ultra Handcuffs, Aluminum JZ-56110 EA 71.17
Backpack, Clear, Vinyl ZCLEARBP C12 106.96
Bag, Clothes Lockable W/hanger 21105 EA 9.12
Bag, Garment Dark Green Mesh 21107 EA 9.12
Basketball, Rubber, 29.5" RS01-BB-RB EA 9.89
Basketball, Eco, MacGregor def RS01-BB-SL EA 22.78
Basketball, Visitect, Rubber, Def VISIBALL EA 10.89
Bedspread, Pale Grn. Flame Reta ZRCBN-PG C12 182.67
Belly chain with Cuffs BCWC20 EA 80.46
Belt Buckles for Military Belt BUCKLE C12 7.14
Belt Tips For Military Belt TIP C12 2.74
Belt, Transport 48" BT-48 EA 64.92
Blanket, Gray, 66X90, Poly PF PFB6690GY EA 5.56
Blanket, Gray 70% Wool 30% Nyl WB6280 EA 9.18
Blanket, Snag Free Grey 66x90 BLSFG EA 7.61
Blanket, Snag Free White 66X90 BLSFW EA 7.61
Blanket, Thermal White EGTB EA 5.26
Blanket, White, 74x108 - ZBL74108-WH C10 160.72
Blanket, Wool 54 x 84 RB5484 C24 99.48
Blanket, Wool Gray WB6690GY EA 10.76
Blanket, Polyester, FR, Tan - 4ea/cs, 12ea/mc PFB6690CML (SOLD BY THE EACH, $5.56/EA) C4 22.24
Blanket, Teal, 74x108 - 10 ea, 10ea/mc ZBL74108-TL C10 187.13
Blankets Snag Free Brown 66x90 BLSFBR EA 7.21
Blankets, Premium Woven Wool WSB6280 EA 5.98
Boot, Blk Comp Toe B625D PR 26.98
Boxers, Orange (All Sizes) EBXO C12 16.92
Boxers, Brown (All Sizes) EBXBR C12 16.92
Boxers White E - 12 ea/dz, 10 dz/mc EBXWHE C12 13.92
Briefs, Disposable, White 1050 C400 148.12
Disposable Briefs, Orange 1051 C400 148.12
Cards, Aviator AC C12 20.59
Cards, Domino 24ea/cs 12cs/mc JZ-B07SPY41H7 (SOLD BY THE EACH, $11.11/EA) C12 133.32
Cards, Rook P02104 (SOLD BY THE EACH, $4.18/EA) C8 33.44
Checker Game 4708 (SOLD BY THE EACH, $4.72/EA) C6 28.32
Chess Set 4833 (SOLD BY THE EACH, $5.33/EA) C6 31.98
Chess Set - 1 ea, 12 ea/mc BBFXSETCHESS (SOLD BY THE EACH, $7.32/EA) C6 43.92
Clini Clip Non-Aerosol Spray J3701 C12 108.08
Clipper, Wahl 10-Piece Set 9314-600 EA 58.11
Clipper, Wahl 8500 Senior 8500 EA 76.16
Clipper, Wahl 8500 Senior - w/V5000 motor & attachment 8500 EA 76.16
Clipper, Wahl Premium Set 8643-500 EA 34.29
Clippercide Spray,12 oz 72130 C12 69.77
Curtain, Hookless Translucent - 1 ea, 12 ea/mc, 36"W X 77"L TSC36 EA 16.31
Curtain, Hookless Translucent - 1 ea, 12 ea/mc, 62"W X 77"L TSC62 EA 26.98
Curtain, Shower W/grmts 62"x77 SCG62 EA 13.88
Deodorant, Freshscent 1.6 oz FR16 C12 9.72
Deodorant, Right Guard 4oz - Anti-persp. 12/cs, 1cs/MC 2384964 C12 58.12
Deodorant, Degree Invisible 1.7 - Solid Extreme Blast 12/cs 26510 C12 35.84
Fasteners, Plastic 500 Per Bag Z700 C500 101.63
Handcuff Standard, Navy 4712-BL EA 34.84
Handcuff Standard, Orange 4712 - OR EA 34.84
Handcuff, Disposable Double 4200 C100 201.69
Handcuff, Oversized Std Nickel 4011 EA 45.14
Handcuff, S&W Model #1 100 EA 24.34
Handcuff, Standard Nickle SHCN PR 26.67
Handcuff, Standard, Pink 4712-PK EA 34.84
Handcuff, Standard, Red 4712-R EA 34.84
Handcuff, Universal Smith and 100 (SOLD BY THE PAIR, $24.34/PR) C40 973.6
Handcuffs, S&W Model 100 - Nickle, 50ea/MC 100 PR 24.34
Id Band, Clincher Ii Org 646-OR B500 197.27
ID Bands, Clinch. IV Photo Blu PL645-BL C500 310.27
ID Bands, Clinch. IV Photo OR. PL645-OR C500 310.27
ID Bands, Clinch. IV Photo Yel PL645-YW C500 310.27
ID Bands, Clinch. V Yellow PL643-YW C500 333.89
ID Bands, Clincher IV Photo Yw 645M-YW C500 275.72
ID Bands, ClincherIV Photo BL 645M-BL C500 275.72
Jumpsuit, Blue/White Striped BLWJ EA 15.18
Jumpsuit, Brown 24221 EA 15.18
Jumpsuit, Green Gripper 24220 EA 15.18
Jumpsuit, Khaki 24218 EA 15.18
Jumpsuit, White Gripper 24219 EA 15.18
Jumpsuits, Black & White Striped BWJ EA 15.18
Jumpsuit, Orange & White Striped OWJ EA 15.18
Jumpsuit, Green & White Striped GWJ EA 15.18
Laundry Bag, 15x20 Wht Tie-cor E1520 D12 14.87
Laundry Bag, 18x24 Sliplock B1824 D12 16.34
Laundry Bag, 18x24 Sliplock Wh W1824 D12 16.34
Laundry Bag, 18x24 Wht Tie Cor E1824 D12 18.69
Laundry Bag, 18x24, Tie Top - 12/cs, 4dz/mc TW1824 C12 23.58
Laundry bag, 18x24, White - Zippered w/ Elastic Cubby PZW1824 C12 19.18
Laundry Bag, 24x36 Red R2436 D12 35.58
Laundry Bag, 24x36 Zippered - 12 ea/dz, 4 dz/mc WZ2436 C12 31.06
Laundry Bag, 24x36, Tie Top - 12/cs, 4dz/mc TW2436 (SOLD BY CASEPACK OF 12, $36.84/CS12) EA 3.07
Laundry Bag, Green 18"x24" G1824 D12 21.64
Laundry Bag, Orange 18x24 O1824 D12 21.64
Laundry Bag, Orange 24x36 O2436 D12 28.64
Property Bags 9x12 UNV999 (SOLD BY CASEPACK 200, $59.12/CS200) C100 29.56
Property Bags 10x13 UNV1013V (SOLD BY CASEPACK 200, $35.88/CS200) C100 17.94
Mattress Cover, Heavy Duty, Navy - 30x75x4, 12/cs HMC30754BL C12 89.89
Maxithin Long Super w/Wings SN288-C C288 21.48
NoPocket Tristitch Shirt Orang NPOS EA 5.48
O.C./Pepper Spray Case ZR1058 EA 12.44
Panty Liner, Always, Reg. ZAWPLR C480 39.33
Patch, Mattress Repair PATCH EA 3.81
Razor, Bic Disposable SOP52EC (SOLD BY CASEPACK 624, $187.20/CS624) C120 36
Razor, Bic Single Blade SOP52EC (SOLD BY CASEPACK 624, $187.20/CS624) C1000 300
Razor, Twin Blade Clear - Disposable, 600ea/cs CLTB600 C600 49.49
Restraint, Transport 1850 EA 91.71
Sandal, Soft PVC Tan FPVSN2-TN PR 2.46
Sandal, Tan, PVC, Slip On, FPVSN2-TN PR 2.46
Sandal, Uni-Foot, EVA, BK, FEVSN1-BK EA 2.92
Sandal, Clear Shower, Orange SACLR C6 16.11
Shampoo, Golden Total Body - 4 gal/cs, 1 cs/mc 1905 C4 39.39
Shampoo, Hair&Body, Soft&Silky - 800ml, 12/cs 7065 C12 48.84
Shampoo, Lice Control 2oz LO1 (1oz PKT, SOLD BY CASE PACK 150, $127.50/CS150, $0.85/EA/OZ) C24 20.4
Shampoo, Max Sec 2oz MS2 C96 19.47
Shampoo, Maximum Security 4oz - 60ea/cs MS4 C60 23.12
Shave Cream, Brushless .6oz - Plastic Tubes 144/cs BSC6 C144 34.06
Shave Cream, Freshscent 11oz - 12ea/cs ASC11 C12 21.21
Shave Cream, Packet .25oz SCP C1000 57.69
Bedspread, pale Grn Flame Reta ZRCBN-PG C12 182.48
Sheet, Fitted White FS3075L D12 20.46
Sheet, Unblch. 48x90 SH4890 D12 23.11
Sheet, White 54" X 90" SH5490N D12 26.11
Sheet, Flat, Navy 58x90, T-180 SH5890NVP C12 41.41
Shirt, Black/White Stripe TBWS EA 5.94
Shirt, Blue/White Stripe, (All Sizes) TBLWS EA 5.94
Shirt, Navy TriStitch (All Sizes) TNS EA 5.94
Shirt, Orange, TriStitch, (All Sizes) TOS EA 5.94
Shirt, White, TriStitch, (All Sizes) TWS EA 5.94
Shirt, Yellow TriStitch (All Sizes) TYS EA 5.94
Shoe, Canvas, Gripper Bob, (All Sizes) FCNGB21 PR 5.46
Eva Clogs (All Sizes) NEVA-OR/NEVA-BK D12 49.48
Shoe, Mens Orange Step-in (All Sizes) 115OR PR 4.42
Shoe, Mens Wht Step-in (All Sizes) 115WH PR 4.42
Shoe, Prem Deck Orange (All Sizes) FCNST41-OR PR 4.98
Shoe, Orange EVA Step-In (All Sizes) FEVST35 PR 3.46
Short, Gym Orange (All Sizes) 923 EA 4.52
Shower Curtain, Gripper Style GYSC36 EA 8.52
Shower Curtain, Snap Closure SC6277 EA 12.69
Soap, BobBarker wrapped #1.25 62105-C C500 41.58
Soap, BobBarker wrapped #3 62107-C C144 31.46
Soap, Dial Basics, #3/4 DW06009-A C1000 114.11
Soap, Dove 4 oz. 61127 C72 157.88
Soap, GoJo Lather, Klean Hair& 358 C12 79.53
Sock, White Tube - 12 ea/dz, 15 dz/mc 1700-W C12 4.86
Thong, Men Cross-stra 5114X C12 9.09
Toothbrush, Short Handle 25tuft BBST25-B C144 5.62
Toothpaste, .6oz Clear - Plastic tube, 144ea/cs,5gr/mc MS306 C144 20.46
Toothpaste, .6oz Naturemint - 144 ea/cs, 5 cs/mc NW114 C144 16.61
Toothpaste, .85 oz Maximum MST85 C144 20.34
Toothpaste, 2.75oz Naturemint - 144 ea/cs 1 cs/mc FM275 (SOLD BY THE CASEPACK 144, $57.60/CS144) EA 0.4
Toothpaste, Clear, 3 oz. ADA - Fresh Mint 72ea/cs ADATP3 C72 62.88
Toothpaste, NatureMint .28oz NMFP C1000 65.74
Toothpaste,.85oz, ADA, Freshmint - 144 ea/cs FMADA85 C144 36.59
Tops Pullover Navy Blue (All Sizes) TNS EA 5.94
Tops Pullover Orange (All Sizes) TOP EA 5.94
Tote Bag, Clear, Vinyl ZCLTB1212 C12 46.11
Towel, Bath White 20x40 4.25lb BT425 C12 10.77
Towel, Dish Herringbone JZ-HDT-1426-BL (SOLD BY CASEPACK 1200, $499.98/CS1200) C60 25.2
Towel, Hand White Super 15x25 41150 C12 7.09
Towel, Hand White Super 15x25 - 12 ea/cs, 50 dz/mc 41150 C12 7.09
Towel, Heavy Orange BT2244OR D12 23.39
Towel, Navy 20x40 5.0 lbs BT2040NV C12 16.56
Towel, Orange 20 X 40 BR2040OR D12 16.56
Towel, Premium 20x40 5.5lb 4220 D12 18.54
Towel, Premium 20x40 5.5lb - 12 ea/dz, 10 dz/mc 4220 C12 18.54
Towel, White Super 20x40 5.5lb 41400 D12 15.88
Towel, White Super 20x40 5.5lb - 12 ea/dz, 25 dz/mc 41400 C12 15.88
Towel, Bath, NV,8 lb - 60ea/cs 5dz/MC 24x48 ZBT2448NV C60 265.89
Trouser, Blue Denim (All Sizes) BDT EA 8.52
Trouser, Blue/White Stripe, (All Sizes) TBLWT EA 6.69
Trouser, Navy Blue (All Sizes) TNT EA 7.29
Trouser, Orange (All Sizes) TOT EA 7.29
Trouser, Red/White Striped (All Sizes) TRWT EA 6.69
Trousers, Black/White Stripe (All Sizes) TBWT EA 6.69
Trousers, Navy, TriStitch (All Sizes) TNT EA 7.29
Trousers, Green/White Stripe (All Sizes) TGWT EA 6.69
T-Shirt, Navy, Cotton (All Sizes) ZCTSNV EA 3.69
T-Shirt,50/50, Ash, (All Sizes) ZBTSASH EA 3.69
Tumbler Flex Silicone 20oz - case/48, Orange BBFX-020 C48 173.11
Tumbler, 9 oz Buff 725B C72 34.88
Tumbler, 12 oz Buff 726B (SOLD BY CASEPACK 72, $50.40/CS72) C48 33.6
Tumbler, 9.5oz Milk - 4 dz/cs 1 cs/mc 950C C48 51.98
Tumbler, Clear, Stadium, 12 oz, No Lid, TUMBL12A C500 99.94
Tumbler, Clear, Stadium, 22 oz TUMBL22A C500 186.87
Tumbler, Flex,12oz, Orange - BBFX-012 C48 130.36
Wash Cloth, 12x12 White .75lb WC1212 C12 1.73
Wash Cloth, HuntGrn. ZWC1212HG C300 149.8
Wash Cloth, NV,1 lb, 12x12 - 300 ea/cs, 25dz/MC WC1212NV (SOLD BY CASEPACK 12, $3.08/CS12) C300 77
Wash Cloths, Brown WC1212BR D12 3.08
Washcloth, Premium 12x12 4040 D12 3.32
Washcloths, Disposable DHT2040 (SOLD BY CASEPACK 300, $69.00/CS300) C8 1.84

Contact: Sabrina Henner
Phone#: 1-800-334-9880
Email: Bidnotices@bobbarker.com