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Protective Equipment and Supplies
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The purpose of this contract is to provide a selection of public safety, emergency supplies, and protective equipment for our using governmental units (UGUs). The goal is to acquire various types of hazardous Incident Response Equipment, and Protection Equipment to meet the needs of our first responders, detention centers, and safety officers in a timely manner. All items shall be consistent with the Department of Homeland Security Authorized Equipment List (DHS AEL). The AEL is a list of approved equipment types allowed under FEMA’s preparedness grant programs.


Protective Equipment and Supplies
Start Date: 11/23/2023  |  End Date: 11/22/2028
Solicitation#: 5400025505

Excluded from this contract are the following: 
Items awarded in these contracts will be excluded from this award. All items listed under the contracts below and any other State Term Contract are strictly prohibited from being utilized under this contract.

Medical & Surgical Supplies https://www.procurement.sc.gov/contracts/search?v=16434-9919-0-0

Body Armor https://www.procurement.sc.gov/contracts/search?v=19137-9919-0-0

Firefighting Foam https://www.procurement.sc.gov/contracts/search?v=17257-9919-0-0

Lidar and Radar https://www.procurement.sc.gov/contracts/search?v=16709-9919-0-0

Communication Equipment and Services https://www.procurement.sc.gov/contracts/search?v=15635-9918-0-0


All Communication Equipment is prohibited as this falls under the Communication Equipment and Services Contracts.

Any purchases that require a commercial supplier agreement, End User License Agreement (EULA), or Master Services Agreement (MSA) with a total spend over $100,000.00 will require the agreement to be negotiated, reviewed, approved, and signed by the Procurement Officer. Negotiated agreements will be made available and may apply for future purchases made by different UGU(s). Items with a unit cost of more than $50,000.00 with a percentage discount shall be excluded from this agreement.

Contract#: 4400033336
Vendor#: 7000157872
Email: strotman@safewareinc.com
Address: 4403 FORBES BLVD LANHAM MD 20706
Phone#: 864-909-7820
Website: https://www.safewareinc.com
41% off Non-Market Basket 
Lot 1 - Correction Security 
Lot 2  - Hazmat Fire 
Lot 3 - Rescue Fire 
Lot 4- Law Enforcement 

Vendor Files/Links:
Market Baskets (Lot 1, Lot 2, Lot 3, Lot 4)
Contact: Scott Trotman - Senior Territory Manager
Phone#: 864-909-7820
Email: strotman@safewareinc.com
Contact: Angela Perkins - Customer Service Representative
Phone#: 804-236-0579
Email: aperkins@safewareinc.com