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PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Dynabook America's, Inc.)
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Information TechnologyCooperativeYolanda Cohen803.737.9854

Dynabook America's, Inc. (formerly Toshiba America Client Solutions, Inc.) Desktops, Laptops, Tablets & Peripherals

Any all leasing will be through the State Term Contract for IT Equipment Leasing with Ontario Investments, Inc.
Link to IT Equipment Leasing Equipment 

Important Note: Please review the SC Participating Addendum (PA) prior to purchase as it lists exclusions to each individual vendor's contract. At a minimum no vendor is allowed to sell: instructional packages; AV equipment; whiteboards; any item for which there is a state term contract; software, software maintenance, subscriptions or downloads (except operating software with initial purchase of equipment). The only printers that are allowed under this contract is desktop.  Network printers are to be procured under the print management contract.

Dynabook America's, Inc.
Start Date: 01/26/2024  |  End Date: 06/30/2028
Contract#: 4400033860
Solicitation#: Master Agreement # 23006
NASPO Master Agreement
SC Participating Addendum
Price List
Vendor: Dynabook America's, Inc.
Contract#: 4400033860
Vendor#: 7000346924
Website: https://us.dynabook.com/
Contact: Lisa Allen, VP - Field Sales
Phone#: 704-277-6550
Email: Lisa.Allen@Dynabook.com
Contact: Jeff Rogers - Senior Account Executive
Phone#: 615-294-1370
Email: Jeff.Rogers@Dynabook.com