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State Agency & Local Procurement Officers

School Districts

Last Name
First Name
Agency:Adjutant General's Office
Last Name:Reedy
First Name:Ginny
Agency:Administration, Department of
Last Name:Montgomery
First Name:Elsie
Agency:Administrative Law Court
Last Name:Sander
First Name:Margaret
Agency:Agriculture, Department of
Last Name:Boutchyard
First Name:James
Agency:Aiken Technical College
Last Name:Park
First Name:Holly
Agency:Aiken Technical College
Last Name:Robson
First Name:Dora
Agency:Archives & History, Department of
Last Name:Cooper-James
First Name:Bernice
Agency:Arts Commission
Last Name:Flarisee
First Name:Kevin
Agency:Attorney General's Office
Last Name:Wilson
First Name:Tammie
Agency:Blind Commission
Last Name:Daugherty
First Name:Matt
Agency:Blind Commission
Last Name:Spires
First Name:Andrew
Agency:Central Carolina Technical College
Last Name:Allen-Lint
First Name:Cheryl
Agency:Charleston Naval Complex
Last Name:Robert
First Name:Ryan
Agency:Citadel, The
Last Name:Favor
First Name:Jessica
Agency:Clemson University
Last Name:Nebesky
First Name:Mike
Agency:Coastal Carolina University
Last Name:Hudson
First Name:Dean
Agency:College of Charleston
Last Name:Williams
First Name:Wendy
Agency:Commerce, Department of
Last Name:Belton
First Name:Clarissa
Agency:Comptroller General's Office
Last Name:Williams
First Name:Allison
Agency:Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum
Last Name:Cockrell
First Name:Rachel
Agency:Consumer Affairs, Department of
Last Name:Jones
First Name:Edwin
Agency:Corrections, Department of
Last Name:Bishop
First Name:Ruthie
Agency:Criminal Justice Academy
Last Name:Nieradka
First Name:Linda
Agency:Denmark Technical College
Last Name:Goff
First Name:Jessica
Agency:Disabilities and Special Needs, Department of
Last Name:Duncan
First Name:Valerie
Agency:Education Lottery Commission
Last Name:Marsh
First Name:Petrina
Agency:Election Commission
Last Name:Williams
First Name:LaToria
Agency:Employment and Workforce, Department of
Last Name:Thompson
First Name:Sharling
Agency:Ethics Commission
Last Name:Nabors
First Name:Kristin
Agency:Florence-Darlington Technical College
Last Name:Flynn
First Name:Sierra
Agency:Forestry Commission
Last Name:O'Cain
First Name:Victoria
Agency:Francis Marion University
Last Name:Hester
First Name:Jennifer
Agency:Governor’s School for Agriculture at John De La Howe
Last Name:Simpson
First Name:Melissa
Agency:Governor’s School for Arts and Humanities (GSAH)
Last Name:Raines
First Name:Linda
Agency:Greenville Technical College
Last Name:Doherty
First Name:Kristal
Agency:Health & Environmental Control, Department of
Last Name:Clark
First Name:H. (Tripp)
Agency:Health and Human Services, Department of
Last Name:Lopez
First Name:Rebecca
Agency:Health and Human Services, Department of
Last Name:Malpass
First Name:Rob
Agency:Health and Human Services, Department of
Last Name:O'Brien
First Name:Rebecca
Agency:Health and Human Services, Department of
Last Name:Smith
First Name:Sheila
Agency:Horry-Georgetown Technical College
Last Name:Cecala
First Name:Dianna
Agency:Housing, Finance & Development Authority
Last Name:Kansupada
First Name:Ashish
Agency:Human Affairs Commission
Last Name:Sumter
First Name:Marcus
Agency:Indigent Defense
Last Name:Smith
First Name:Jeff
Agency:Insurance, Department of
Last Name:Jefferson
First Name:Ronnie
Agency:Insurance, Department of
Last Name:Watson
First Name:Tommy
Agency:Jobs-Economic Development Authority
Last Name:Miller
First Name:Claudia
Agency:Judicial Department
Last Name:Boland
First Name:Julie
Agency:Juvenile Justice, Department of
Last Name:Mahon
First Name:Michele
Agency:Labor, Licensing, and Regulation, Department of
Last Name:Parker
First Name:Diane
Agency:Lander University
Last Name:Pilgrim
First Name:Scott
Agency:Medical University of South Carolina
Last Name:Witt
First Name:Maggie
Agency:Medical University of South Carolina Authority
Last Name:Droz
First Name:Brandon
Agency:Medical University of South Carolina Authority
Last Name:Hall
First Name:Jenna
Agency:Medical University of South Carolina Authority
Last Name:Santana
First Name:Mary
Agency:Midlands Technical College
Last Name:Mims
First Name:Melissa
Agency:Motor Vehicles, Department of
Last Name:Terry
First Name:LaTasha
Agency:Natural Resources, Department of
Last Name:Guess
First Name:Travis
Agency:Office of First Steps
Last Name:Burrell
First Name:Tekethia
Agency:Office of Inspector General
Last Name:Davis
First Name:George
Agency:Office of State Auditor
Last Name:Hoogenboom
First Name:Cindy
Agency:Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College
Last Name:Geddings
First Name:Scarlet
Agency:Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department
Last Name:Bishop
First Name:Ashley
Agency:Patriots Point Development Authority
Last Name:Breland
First Name:Royce
Agency:Piedmont Technical College
Last Name:McKenna
First Name:Brian
Agency:Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services, Department of
Last Name:Pullie
First Name:Stephen
Agency:Public Employee Benefit Authority
Last Name:Gillens
First Name:Georgia
Agency:Public Employee Benefit Authority
Last Name:Mondier
First Name:Susan
Agency:Public Safety, Department of
Last Name:Sprowls
First Name:Cathy
Agency:Retirement Investment Commission
Last Name:Wheeler
First Name:Brian
Agency:Revenue, Department of
Last Name:Warren
First Name:Matthew
Agency:School for the Deaf & Blind
Last Name:Brazell
First Name:Carol
Agency:Sea Grant Consortium
Last Name:Heyward
First Name:Louis
Agency:Secretary of State's Office
Last Name:Watford
First Name:Tracy
Agency:Social Services, Department of
Last Name:McDaniel-Oliver
First Name:Shaneka
Agency:South Carolina Commission on Prosecution Coordination
Last Name:Thompson
First Name:Tina
Agency:South Carolina Conservation Bank
Last Name:Pennebaker
First Name:Margaret
Agency:South Carolina Ports Authority
Last Name:Mitchell
First Name:Bob
Agency:South Carolina Procurement Review Panel
Last Name:Gillins
First Name:Pam
Agency:South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division (SLED)
Last Name:Jackson
First Name:James
Agency:South Carolina State University
Last Name:Gregg
First Name:Stacy
Agency:South Carolina Technical College System
Last Name:Livingston
First Name:Teresa
Agency:Spartanburg Community College
Last Name:Clardy
First Name:Michael
Agency:State Accident Fund
Last Name:Hansford
First Name:Matthew
Agency:State IT (DSIT), Division of
Last Name:Nathan
First Name:Dawson
Agency:State IT (DSIT), Division of
Last Name:Thomas
First Name:Mike
Agency:State Library
Last Name:Aiken
First Name:Leesa
Agency:State Museum
Last Name:Anderson
First Name:Anita
Agency:State Museum
Last Name:Doug
First Name:Beerman
Agency:State Treasurer's Office
Last Name:Lindler
First Name:Carla
Agency:Technical College of Lowcountry
Last Name:Murray
First Name:Gillian
Agency:Transportation, Department of
Last Name:Kirwan
First Name:Emmett
Agency:Tri-County Technical College
Last Name:Whitten
First Name:Matt
Agency:Trident Technical College
Last Name:Belcher
First Name:Carol
Agency:University of South Carolina
Last Name:Clark
First Name:Clarissa
Agency:University of South Carolina
Last Name:Manigo
First Name:Venis
Agency:Vocational Rehabilitation
Last Name:Trezevant
First Name:Latitia
Agency:Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School
Last Name:Abbott
First Name:Charlie
Agency:Williamsburg Technical College
Last Name:Miller
First Name:Amanda
Agency:York Technical College
Last Name:Desrochers
First Name:Suzanne