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Notice concerning Chapter 1 and Chapter 17 Building Inspection Services Statewide Term Contract: The statewide contract for building inspection services is to be used to verify that materials being constructed are in accordance with the requirements given by the construction documents. Inspection firms are not contracted as professional engineers and are therefore not allowed, and should not be asked, to affix their seal to any document provided to the contractor, agency, design A/E, or OSE project manager.

The Primary Inspector is the “inspector of record”. All reports bear his signature & seal and he will be the one responsible for all aspects of the testing and inspection program according to the construction documents.

The Supplemental Inspector can perform inspections or tests that the Primary Inspector is assured he can perform. While the Supplemental Inspector may need to observe the Primary Inspector, training observations will not be paid by the state project.

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Procurement Services
1201 Main Street, Suite 600 | Columbia, SC 29201