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Procurement Services
1201 Main St., Suite 600
Columbia, SC 29201


Administrative & Judicial Decisions – Suspensions & Debarments

Gregory McDonald and McDonald’s Tree Service

Disqualification Period: Three Years

Bobby Batts

Disqualification Period: Two years after restitution is made

Consensus Construction & Consulting, LLC; John O'Brien

Disqualification Period: Ninety days.

New Venue; Terris Riley; Terris Riley; Jacque Riley

Disqualification Period: Temporary and indefinite pending further administrative review.

Covered Entities / Persons:

  • Terris Riley
  • Jacque Riley
  • New Venue Technologies, Inc.
  • New Venue Technologies II, LLC
  • NewVenue Technologies
  • Terris Riley, LLC

Entities Excluded by Federal Government - Link to Search Tool

Simply because an entity has been suspended or debarred by the federal government does not make that entity ineligible for award of a state government contract. Nevertheless, that information would be useful for determining responsibility. The following link takes you to the federal governments System for Award Management, or SAM. This system allows you to conduct searches for an entity and determine whether they have been excluded for award by the federal government.

WE, Inc. d/b/a WE, Incc.; Ray Hernand

Disqualification Period: Three years following restitution of losses as a result of its breach of contract with the University of South Carolina.

All State Landscaping & Lawn Care

Disqualification Period: Temporary and indefinite pending further administrative review.

South Carolina
State Fiscal Accountability Authority
Procurement Services
1201 Main Street, Suite 600 | Columbia, SC 29201