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Vendor Registration

Some important questions and answers:

Q: Why do I need to register as a vendor or contractor?
A: Registration is necessary to place bids and receive payment for business with SC State Government.  Additionally, landlords whose tenants are seeking rental assistance from the SC Stay Plus program must register using the new vendor registration link below. 

Q: How long could it take for creating or updating my registration?
A: Your  vendor registration submission may take us up to 30 days to process due to high numbers of registrants.

Now, let's get started on the registration or updating process:

  • To see if you are already a vendor click here: Vendor Search.  In the Name field type the first word in the name of the company and an asterisk ( * ) behind the last letter.
  • If you are trying to submit your ELECTRONIC BID click here.
  • BRAND NEW vendor registrations should begin here.
  • Password requirements: Must be at least eight (8) characters in length, of those, six must be letters, including at least one uppercase letter and one lowercase letter.  At least one number and one special character (such as #,%,$,@, etc.) are required.  Addionally, the first three characters may not be identical and your password may not be identical to your username.
  • To update an existing vendor record, click on Update Vendor Information.

DIRECT DEPOSIT / PAYMENTS: As a vendor for the State of South Carolina, you are encouraged to enroll in the SC State Treasurer’s Electronic Payment System. This allows that office to deposit ACH payments directly into your bank account, making it the fastest, most efficient, and secure way to receive payments. You can learn more about how the process works at: https://www.treasurer.sc.gov/what-we-do/for-businesses/electronic-payment-information/.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can someone help me place my bid?

We are unable to assist you with placing your bid. However, if you are having technical problems entering your bid online, you may contact the SCEIS Helpdesk at 803-896-0001. Additionally, helpful vendor guides may be found on this page on our website: https://procurement.sc.gov/doing-biz/submitting-offers#ditem-1846

Can I submit my bid via email?

We do not accept bid submissions via email. You may submit your bid before the deadline either online or by mailing/shipping or dropping off your submission in a sealed envelope with the solicitation number printed clearly on the outside. Section II of each solicitation explains the process for submitting offers and how awards will be announced.

How do I know if my online bid submission has been accepted?

After submitting your offer, the system will display “Submitted” indicating that you have successfully entered your bid.