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Submitting Offers

Before you can submit a bid or proposal through South Carolina Enterprise Information System (SCEIS), you must be registered as a vendor. If you have not done so, please click here.

For assistance with registration or submission of your bid or proposal, please reference the SCEIS Vendor Guides listed below. For SCEIS technical assistance, call the SCEIS Help Desk at (803) 896-0001. If there are questions concerning the solicitation, contact the procurement officer directly.

To submit bids vendors should use either Chrome or Edge, which are compatible with SAP.  Other browsers may not function properly and may prohibit bid submissions.

It will be the responsibility of each bidder to ensure that their response was submitted properly. The Response Status must indicate 'Submitted'. If the response is in a 'HELD' or 'SAVED' status, you MUST go back in the system and submit the response before it can be 'ACCEPTED' by the State.

Bidders are encouraged to review the 'Simulation for Bid Creation' below before trying to submit their response.

Electronic bid submission (SRM Login)