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Contract NameContract Section (information contained within the contract) TypeEnds
Audio VisualAudio VisualStateTerm05/02/2026
Biometric Time KeepingBiometric Time KeepingStateTerm07/06/2025
Body Cameras, In Car & Saas: Video Storage - Software & DataLot 1- Body Worn Cameras, in Car Video, & SaaS Video Storage FeeStateTerm09/03/2024
Body Cameras, In Car & Saas: Video Storage - Software & DataLot 2 - Body Worn Cameras & SaaS Video Storage FeesStateTerm09/03/2024
Check Point Products and ServicesCheck Point Products and ServicesStateTerm09/13/2026
Cisco Servers, Security, Network Hardware & Software - Products & ServicesCisco Hardware and Software Products and ServicesStateTerm10/19/2026
Citrix Netscaler Citrix Netscaler StateTerm07/13/2026
Citrix Products & ServicesCitrix Products & ServicesStateTerm04/07/2027
Communications Equipment and Services (Print & Mail Services)Communications Equipment and Services (Print and Mail Services)Shared Services10/15/2024
Constituent Management Services (Install Based)Constituent Management Services (Installed Based)StateTerm11/18/2024
Constituent Management Services (New Services)Constituent Management Services (New Services) StateTerm10/27/2024
Cradlepoint Products Services & AccessoriesCradlepoint Products, Services & Accessories StateTerm05/31/2028
Digital FingerprintingDigital FingerprintingStateTerm05/18/2029
Digital Government Services Digital Government Services StateTerm01/02/2029
Digital Transaction Management Digital Transaction Management StateTerm02/25/2026
E-Recruitment and Onboarding SystemE-Recruitment StateTerm07/01/2024
Electronic Document Management Service (DocFinity Products)Companion Data ServicesStateTerm07/31/2028
Electronic Document Management Service (DocuWare Products)eDocs TechnologiesStateTerm07/31/2028
Electronic Document Management Service (Etrieve Products)Softdocs SC LLCStateTerm07/31/2028
Electronic Document Management Service (Hyland Products)KeyMark Inc.StateTerm07/31/2028
Electronic Document Management Service (Palmetto Microfilm)Palmetto MicrofilmStateTerm07/30/2028
Electronic Document Management Service (Team IA)Team IA, Inc.StateTerm07/31/2028
Electronic Equipment Recycling Electronic Equipment Recycling StateTerm01/31/2026
Electronic Transcript Services Electronic Transcript ServicesStateTerm02/11/2029
Geographic Information System (GIS) SoftwareGeographic Information System (GIS) SoftwareStateTerm01/14/2025
Hardware Maintenance ManagerHardware Maintenance ManagerStateTerm12/22/2024
HP - Poly Video Conferencing Equipment HP - Poly Video Conferencing EquipmentStateTerm12/27/2028
Information Security and Privacy ServicesInformation Security and Privacy ServicesStateTerm04/21/2025
IT Equipment LeasingIT Equipment LeasingStateTerm02/06/2031
IT Research & Advisory ServicesNASPO IT Research & Advisory ServicesCooperative01/18/2026
IT Temporary Staff Augmentation MPS and Supplier ContractsIT Temporary Staff Augmentation Supplier ContractStateTerm08/25/2028
Learning Content Management Learning Content Management SystemsStateTerm06/03/2024
Legal Research Subscription ServicesWestlaw Legal ResearchStateTerm04/05/2027
Mail EquipmentMail EquipmentCooperative05/14/2027
Mobile Device Management Mobile Device Management StateTerm04/08/2027
Network Hardware and Firewall (Barracuda)BarracudaStateTerm10/24/2026
Network Hardware and Firewall (Extreme)ExtremeStateTerm03/26/2026
Network Hardware and Firewall (HPE)HPEStateTerm06/30/2027
Network Hardware and Firewall (Juniper)Juniper StateTerm05/31/2026
Network Hardware and Firewall (Palo Alto)Palo AltoStateTerm06/30/2028
Network Hardware and Firewall (Ruckus Wireless)Ruckus Wireless StateTerm09/01/2026
One Card Identification SystemsOne Card Identification SystemsStateTerm01/07/2029
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Ace Computers)Ace ComputersCooperative06/30/2028
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Acer America Corporation)Acer America Corporation Cooperative06/30/2028
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Apple)AppleCooperative06/30/2028
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Dell)Dell Marketing, L.P.Cooperative06/30/2028
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Dynabook America's, Inc.)Dynabook America's, Inc.Cooperative06/30/2028
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)Hewlett Packard EnterpriseCooperative06/30/2028
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Howard)HowardCooperative06/30/2028
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (HP Inc.)HP Inc. Cooperative06/30/2028
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (IBM)IBMStateTerm07/04/2024
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Lenovo Global Technology)Lenovo Global TechnologyCooperative06/30/2028
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Lenovo Inc.)Lenovo Inc.Cooperative06/30/2028
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Microsoft Corporation)Microsoft CorporationCooperative06/30/2028
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (NetApp US Public Sector, Inc.)NetApp US Public Sector, Inc.Cooperative06/30/2028
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Panasonic)Panasonic Computer Equipment Cooperative06/30/2028
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Pure Storage Inc.)Pure Storage Inc.Cooperative06/30/2028
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Transource)Transource Cooperative06/30/2028
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Zebra)Zebra Technologies CorporationCooperative06/30/2028
Print Management Print Management StateTerm09/15/2029
Proofpoint Products & Services Proofpoint StateTerm06/20/2028
Public Safety Video Systems (Coban Technologies, Inc.)Public Safety Video Systems (Coban Technologies, Inc.)Cooperative06/30/2028
Public Safety Video Systems (Kustom Signals, Inc.)Public Safety Video Systems (Kustom Signals, Inc.)Cooperative06/30/2028
Public Safety Video Systems (Pro-Vision Solutions, LLC)Pro-Vision Solutions, LLCCooperative06/30/2028
Reverse Auction ServiceOnline Reverse Auction Services StateTerm06/13/2026
SAP SuccessFactors LMSSAP SuccessFactors LMSStateTerm06/02/2026
SAS (Analytical Software & Solutions)SAS (Analytical Software & Solutions) StateTerm06/15/2027
Security & Fire Protection ServicesNASPO Security & Fire Protection ServicesCooperative07/31/2028
Security Software Products & Services (Carbon Black)Carbon BlackStateTerm12/05/2024
Security Software Products & Services (Duo Multi-factor Authentication)Duo Multi-factor AuthenticationStateTerm09/24/2024
Security Software Products & Services (FireEye Security Products & Services)FireEye Security Products & ServicesStateTerm06/02/2026
Security Software Products & Services (ForeScout CounterACT)ForeScout CounterACTStateTerm10/26/2028
Security Software Products & Services (Fortinet Products & Services)Fortinet Products & ServicesStateTerm06/24/2024
Security Software Products & Services (IBM Security Software) IBM Security SoftwareStateTerm04/23/2029
Security Software Products & Services (McAfee Software & Hardware)McAfee Security Products & ServicesStateTerm02/19/2026
Security Software Products & Services (PC Matic PRO)PC Matic PROStateTerm09/05/2024
Security Software Products & Services (Quest One Software and Hardware)Quest One Software and Hardware StateTerm11/29/2025
Security Software Products & Services (Rapid7)Rapid7 Vulnerability Software and ServicesStateTerm09/17/2024
Security Software Products & Services (Tenable Products & Services)Tenable Products & Services StateTerm07/04/2024
Service NowService NowStateTerm01/18/2025
Small Software Applications DevelopmentSmall Software Application DevelopmentStateTerm05/15/2026
Software (Idera)Idera StateTerm08/10/2028
Software (Microsoft)MicrosoftStateTerm12/26/2024
Software (Oracle)OracleStateTerm05/04/2025
Software (SAP)SAP StateTerm07/27/2025
Software (SolarWinds)SolarWindsStateTerm10/30/2024
Storage Products (Hitachi Vantara)Hitachi SAN ProductsStateTerm09/22/2027
Taser 7 Products & Accessories Taser 7 Products & Accessories StateTerm09/12/2027
Thales Data Protection ProductsThales Data Protection ProductsStateTerm04/21/2026
Third Party ConsultingThird Party ConsultingStateTerm01/07/2025
Varonis Products & Services Varonis Products & Services StateTerm11/17/2027
VMware Products & Services VMware Products & Services StateTerm01/19/2028
Web Conferencing ServicesWeb Conferencing ServicesStateTerm02/18/2029