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Contract NameContract Section (information contained within the contract) TypeEnds
Airport Pavement Maintenance Airport/ Pavement Maintenance StateTerm08/21/2022
Airport Pavement RejuvenationAirport Pavement RejuvenationStateTerm08/21/2022
Airport Vegetation Management STC for Airport Vegetation ManagementStateTerm05/31/2026
All-Terrain VehiclesAll-Terrain VehiclesStateTerm10/09/2024
Appliances & Kitchen EquipmentAppliances & Kitchen EquipmentStateTerm04/13/2026
AsbestosAsbestos Lead Paint Mold Collection and TestingStateTerm05/19/2026
Asphalt Emulsion Paving Mixture - CRS-2, CRS-2P & CMS-2Asphalt Emulsion Paving Mixture -CRS-2, CMS-2, & CRS-2P/2LStateTerm07/31/2022
Auto Parts - Light Duty Light Duty Auto Parts - NASPO ValuePoint ContractCooperative01/17/2022
Automatic External Defibrillator & AccessoriesAutomatic External Defibrillator & Accessories Cooperative10/04/2022
Backhoe / Loaders & Motor GradersBackhoes, Loaders and Motor GradersStateTerm01/22/2024
Ballast & LampsBallast & LampsStateTerm09/07/2022
Battle Dress UniformsBattle Dress UniformsStateTerm08/28/2026
Boats- Patrol & Rescue Fiberglass & Aluminum Hull Fiberglass and Aluminum Hull BoatsStateTerm06/30/2026
Body ArmorBody ArmorStateTerm05/06/2023
Boilerless SteamersBoilerless steamersStateTerm08/28/2022
Building Inspection and Testing ServicesStatewide Term Contract for Building Inspections and Testing ServicesStateTerm12/15/2024
Bulk Deliveries of ULSD and BiodieselBulk Deliveries of Ultra Low-Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and B5 BiodieselStateTerm03/31/2022
Bus - ADA ADA Buses and Purpose- Built Vehicles StateTerm10/31/2024
Bus, School, Mini 14 Passenger Bus, School, Mini 14 PassengerStateTerm02/21/2023
Cold Laid Asphalt Concrete MixturesCold Laid Asphalt Concrete MixturesStateTerm03/31/2023
Combi OvensCombi Ovens StateTerm12/17/2022
Concrete Culvert PipeConcrete Culvert PipeStateTerm08/01/2026
Contraceptives and SuppliesContraceptives and SuppliesCooperative06/30/2023
Convection OvensConvection Ovens StateTerm02/06/2022
Cots, Folding - Emergency SuppliesFolding Individual Cots and Bariatric Cots - Emergency SuppliesStateTerm11/20/2022
COVID-19 PPE & Cleaning Supply ResourcesPPE & Cleaning Supply ResourcesStateTerm12/31/2021
Cyber Insurance Broker ServicesCyber Insurance Broker ServicesStateTerm12/16/2023
Debt Collection Services For Higher EducationDebt Collection Services For Higher EducationStateTerm01/01/2023
Dental ProductsDental ProductsStateTerm07/31/2025
Desktop Specialty PaperDesktop Specialty Paper StateTerm07/01/2023
Disposable Food Trays - CONTRACTS HAVE BEEN TERMINATEDSTC- Disposable Food TraysStateTerm08/18/2025
Drug & Alcohol Testing and Background ScreeningDrug & Alcohol Testing and Background ScreeningStateTerm02/26/2022
E10 Ethanol Blended GasolineE10 Ethanol Blended GasolineStateTerm07/10/2022
Education ConsultingEducation ConsultingStateTerm08/30/2026
Educational Supplies Educational Supplies StateTerm04/06/2026
Educational Supplies Educational SuppliesStateTerm04/06/2026
Electrostatic Disinfection ServicesElectrostatic Disinfection Services StateTerm06/09/2022
Equipment Rentals Equipment Rentals StateTerm03/10/2026
Fabric (Retroreflective) Roll-Up Signs and StandsFabric (Retroreflective) Roll-Up Signs and StandsStateTerm07/29/2023
Flags - SC & USFlags US and SC (Indoor and Outdoor)StateTerm05/04/2024
Flu VaccineFull Line DistributorsCooperative04/30/2025
Flu VaccineManufacturer DirectCooperative12/31/2022
Fuel Card Management SystemState Fuel Card Management SystemStateTerm05/04/2024
FurnitureFurniture StateTerm12/05/2024
Grounds Equipment (Phase I - Mowers, Chain Saws, Safety Items, etc.)Grounds Equipment (Phase I - Mowers, Chain Saws, Safety Items, etc.)StateTerm05/31/2023
Grounds Equipment (Phase II -Tractors, Trailers, Loaders, etc.)Grounds Equipment (Phase II- Tractors, Trailers, Loaders, etc.)StateTerm05/31/2023
GSA Contracts for Disaster Relief and RecoverySchedule 833 GSA Disaster Relief ProgramStateTerm12/31/2021
Herbicides, Adjuvants, and BlendsHerbicides, Adjuvants and BlendsStateTerm09/08/2024
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) PipeHigh Density Polyethylene (HDPE) PipeStateTerm06/10/2026
Hot and Cold Pass Through Holding UnitsHot and Cold Pass Through Holding UnitsStateTerm08/27/2024
Household Appliances Household Appliances StateTerm11/07/2026
Index of All Fuel ContractsFuel Index SheetStateTerm04/01/2023
Industrial Gases - BulkInformation About This ContractStateTerm04/30/2024
Industrial Gases - Cylinder ExchangesIndustrial Gases - Cylinder ExchangesStateTerm04/30/2022
Laboratory Equipment, Chemicals & Supplies, including Microscopes & PartsLaboratory Equipment and Supplies Including Microscopes and PartsCooperative03/31/2022
Large Tractors & Mowers - 75.1 - 340 PTO HPStatewide Contract for Large Tractors & Mowers StateTerm08/06/2023
Large Truck/Cargo Van RentalsLarge Truck/Cargo Van RentalsStateTerm04/16/2026
Lidar and RadarInformation About This ContractStateTerm05/24/2022
Light Bars - Law Enforcement, EMS & Fire DepartmentsLight Bars - Law Enforcement, EMS & Fire DepartmentsStateTerm02/08/2026
Mail Services- Pre-sort & BarcodeMail Services- Pre-sort & BarcodeStateTerm04/03/2025
Meals, Ready-To-Eat - Emergency SuppliesStatewide Term Contract for MRE’S (Meals Ready To Eat) and Self heating Meals – Emergency SuppliesStateTerm07/29/2022
Medical & Surgical SuppliesStatewide Medical Supplies & EquipmentStateTerm02/16/2022
Merchant Bank Card Services Merchant Bank Card Services StateTerm10/13/2022
Microscopes Microscopes StateTerm10/08/2026
Mosquito Control Services Mosquito Control Services StateTerm04/17/2022
Motor-Marine Inboard/OutboardMotor-Marine Inboard/OutboardStateTerm06/18/2023
MRO SuppliesFacilities MRO (Material, Repair and Operating) and Industrial SuppliesCooperative04/30/2023
Off Road Ultra Low-Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)Off Road Ultra Low- Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) StateTerm04/01/2023
Office Supplies - Inside DeliveryContracts For Office Supplies & Copy PaperStateTerm04/28/2024
On-Demand Interpreting and Translation Services (NASPO) On-Demand Interpreting and Translation Services Cooperative11/03/2024
Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, & DispensersPaper Towels, Toilet Paper, & DispensersStateTerm01/09/2022
Park and Recreation EquipmentPark and Recreation Equipment Cooperative12/01/2022
Pedestrian Push Button Station Assemblies and SignsPedestrian Push Button Station Assemblies and SignsStateTerm04/07/2023
Pharmaceuticals - Minnesota Multi-state CooperativePharmaceuticals & Related ContractsCooperative05/31/2024
Police Belts, Holsters, & AccessoriesPolice Belts, Holster, & AccessoriesStateTerm06/12/2024
Polyester Blue TarpsPolyester Blue TarpsStateTerm02/04/2023
Professional Grade Tools and Diagnostic Equipment (NASPO) Professional Grade Tools and Diagnostic Equipment Cooperative06/30/2023
Rock SaltMorton Salt Inc. StateTerm09/27/2023
SandbagsInformation About This ContractStateTerm09/19/2024
School Buses- Types C and D Multiple ConfigurationsSchool Buses- Types C and D Multiple ConfigurationsStateTerm06/20/2022
Science Education SuppliesScience Education Supplies StateTerm05/28/2023
Semi-Automatic Weapons & AmmunitionSemi-Automatic Weapons and AmmunitionStateTerm04/19/2024
Service Award PinsService Award PinsStateTerm03/01/2026
Small Package Delivery ServiceSmall Package Delivery Service***StateTerm11/27/2026
Solar FlashersSolar FlashersStateTerm10/16/2025
Tankwagon Deliveries of ULSD and B5 BiodieselTankwagon Deliveries of ULSD and B5 BiodieselStateTerm03/31/2022
Temporary Staff Services Temporary Staff Services StateTerm06/14/2025
Testing - Career Ready ServicesTesting - Career Ready Test StateTerm02/04/2023
Testing for Adjusting & Balancing ServicesHVAC Testing, Adjusting and Balancing ServicesStateTerm11/12/2022
Tires and ServiceTires and ServiceStateTerm03/28/2026
Traffic Signal Controllers, Cabinets and Components Traffic Signal Controllers, Cabinets and Components StateTerm04/04/2022
Traffic Signal Heads and LensesTraffic Signal Heads and LensesStateTerm08/18/2024
Trash Can LinersTrash Can LinersStateTerm08/02/2024
Truck Bodies - Dump, Utility & FlatbedTruck Bodies - Dump, Utility & FlatbedStateTerm10/31/2023
Used Oil Filter, Contaminated Water & Solvent Collection and Recycling ServiceUsed Oil Filter, Contaminated Water & Solvent Collection and Recycling ServiceStateTerm07/10/2026
Vehicle Rental Services Vehicle Rental Services Cooperative05/20/2025
Vehicles LiftsVehicle Lifts and Garage Associated Equipment Cooperative02/09/2022
Vehicles, Cab/ChassisCab/ChassisStateTerm10/31/2022
Vehicles, Law Enforcement Law Enforcement VehiclesStateTerm10/31/2023
Vehicles, PickupsPickupsStateTerm10/31/2022
Vehicles, Sedans and CrossoversSedans and Crossover vehiclesStateTerm10/31/2022
Vehicles, SUVsSUVsStateTerm10/31/2023
Vehicles, VansVansStateTerm10/31/2023
Walk-In Building and Home Improvement SuppliesWalk-In Building SuppliesCooperative07/31/2022
Water Activated Pothole PatchingWater Activated Pothole PatchingStateTerm12/21/2022
Water, Bottled - Emergency SuppliesInformation About This ContractStateTerm07/31/2022