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The Monthly Statewide Term Contract Town Hall

The next Town Hall will be Tuesday, May 14, 2024, at 10:00 AM.

We would love to see the monthly Town Hall meetings become more interactive.  We not only want you to hear from us, but we also want to hear from you.  YOU can also help set the agenda for the meeting by emailing any specific questions you may have a few days before the meeting.  We didn’t receive any questions via email last month, but we wanted to remind you that it is always an option. Email your questions ahead of time to one of the following people:   G&S Questions – mspeakmon@mmo.sc.gov / IT Questions – rbarr@mmo.sc.gov

Click on this link to join the meeting, registration is no longer necessary.

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DPS Ask an Expert

Ask a Procurement Expert question that you may have about the Procurement Code and Regulations.  

Please submit your questions to dps@sfaa.sc.gov.